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2017 Civil Service ALL POSTS !!!!!

Discussion in 'Civil Service' started by 43225, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. RTBeast

    RTBeast MassCops Member

    Learned some interesting information out of Worcester today, looks like they're still really short on manpower regardless of just graduating a class + many retirements forthcoming.
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  2. Mvcrouse

    Mvcrouse MassCops Member

    FYI for anyone interested: they already handed out cards.
  3. RTBeast

    RTBeast MassCops Member

    Anyone going to the Marlboro exam this Saturday?
  4. jgraham11

    jgraham11 Guest

    So total MSP pulled 2600 names off the last list? 2013 and this recent class?
  5. Rogergoodwin

    Rogergoodwin MassCops Member

    Any idea if they reached beyond the d-vets?
  6. Mvcrouse

    Mvcrouse MassCops Member

    No idea.
  7. MyNameIsTyler

    MyNameIsTyler New Member

    So I got an email for Stoughton saying they have a vacancy and telling me to report to the chief of police if I am interested in being considered for the position. I am curious if it would be best to just walk in and explain my situation or possibly take a different approach, such as a letter or a phone call. I also take it as it would be best to be in a suit, if not a shirt and tie from here on out. I appreciate any advice!
  8. ThinBlue56

    ThinBlue56 MassCops Member

    What is “your situation?.....”
  9. MyNameIsTyler

    MyNameIsTyler New Member

    Essentially what I am asking is should I be in a suit when I am going into the station to accept a card or is it typically a brief thing, in which you just sign your name to state your interest and leave?
  10. Edmizer1

    Edmizer1 MassCops Member

    'I am curious if it would be best to just walk in and explain my situation or possibly take a different approach, such as a letter or a phone"
    I don't know what your situation is but I am sure whatever it is the PD could absolutely care less. I am sure the PD's attitude is that you can either sign or not sign the list. if you do sign, follow the exact instructions they give you or they will cross your name off the list as fast as they can get the pen across the paper. Unless you are super connected, no PD is going to listen to a story on your variables on getting hired, they just don't care.
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  11. Kenny

    Kenny MassCops Member

    Always wear a suit for every encounter with the PD from here on out unless instructed other wise. Aside from that like Edmizer said follow their directions to a T and familiarize yourself with the phrase attention to detail. Also stay off social media ;)
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  12. Rogergoodwin

    Rogergoodwin MassCops Member

    You should wear a suit but don't go down without writing your letter of intent first. And definitely make sure you call first. You don't want to be "that guy" that just shows up.
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  13. JohnnyCakes93

    JohnnyCakes93 MassCops Member

    Any word on when emails will be sent out for Boston?
  14. beantown15

    beantown15 MassCops Member

    I heard sometime this month or maybe January, but we’ll see.
  15. GeorgeHenin11

    GeorgeHenin11 New Member

    Hello, I have a hypothetical for someone who has a better understanding of civil service. Suppose a department is hiring 3 and there are 5 candidates who participate in the process. Let's say they all pass everything and are eligible for hire, do they pick who they want or do they have to take the first 3. Are there any rules in place that would apply to this?
  16. Rogergoodwin

    Rogergoodwin MassCops Member

    There should be at least 2n+1. So for 3 spots at least 7 (and everyone tied with the 7th person) should be eligible. And they can bypass someone if a lower candidate is more qualified. Although, more often people are bypassed for negative reasons pertaining to them.
  17. Deepwoods

    Deepwoods MassCops Member

    Rumor floating around regarding MSP sending out emails... any update?
  18. MysteryOwl10

    MysteryOwl10 New Member

    Also heard this rumor. No emails for me yet
  19. 8BRAVO

    8BRAVO MassCops Member

    How about those Boston cards ;);););)
  20. jt92

    jt92 MassCops Member

    Actual photo of me waiting for Boston cards
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  21. 8BRAVO

    8BRAVO MassCops Member

    Right... Just got another Pittsfield card... o_O
  22. unexpo

    unexpo MassCops Member

    Any word on Worcester cards?
  23. Kenny

    Kenny MassCops Member

    It's been quiet from my contacts. I have a few people looking out for any info, and they'll pass it on to me when they get it. From what I had been hearing around Thanksgiving I'm surprised nothing's kicked into gear yet, but then again I'm not.
  24. unexpo

    unexpo MassCops Member

    Yeah, I heard around thanksgiving that they were waiting for their most recent recruits to finish with their on the job training before they started. Didn’t think it would take this long though haha
  25. Rufus Teague

    Rufus Teague MassCops Member

    Not sure if your kidding but just curious. How far down the list in Pittsfield are you?

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