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2015 civil service test ALL POSTS

Discussion in 'Civil Service' started by Rob720, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Dmn0166

    Dmn0166 New Member

    This was my first time taking the cs exam.

    I'm curious. Are there any actions to be taken after the exam? Or do I just sit around with my fingers crossed.

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  2. Edmizer1

    Edmizer1 MassCops Member

    Go to the Mass legislature web site and look at the session laws for the current and past years. Search for civil service or just scroll down and look for towns that have been approved for leaving civil service.
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  3. Danusmc0321

    Danusmc0321 MassCops Member

    Small thing, but something I do everyday you can practice now that will help you be better on the job. Start reading license plates of vehicles when your on the roadway. Learn how they are set up, read them from as far away as you can, and read the front plates of vehicle's passing you. Its a pain in the ass when your new and missed a plate you wanted to get. It's a small thing but takes practice at getting really good at it and will help you a TON on the road..... While your sitting around with your fingers crossed.
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  4. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    Almost forgot... While you're "crossing your fingers" and praying that you scored a solid 100, maybe a 99, and get lucky enough to get a card...


    Just throwing that out there again.
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  5. Hoppy12

    Hoppy12 MassCops Member

    Still do this. Started with easy views, now I catch a quick glance of a car on duty, attempt to run the plate and see how accurate I am.

    probably 3 of 4 are correct(still fairly new), just driving by a car at an intersection, or a weird angle and see if I got the plate right.

    Of course, PT, pushups, planks/core, running, stay clean in all aspects, and understand entrance to an academy is an invitation to attend the briefing for a tryout to police work.
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  6. felony

    felony MassCops Member

    After you take the test, your physical fitness is paramount. If you're a fat body and show up out of shape, you will get a ton of modifieds and will not pass the academy. Besides staying inshape, maintain a clean driving record and stay out of trouble. That's all you need to worry about prior to entering any academy. Running plates is the least of your worries, focus on what's important.
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  7. wrangler

    wrangler MassCops Member

    Know some people that took that test but as far as I know they didn't get scores back.
  8. wrangler

    wrangler MassCops Member

    Just talked too a friend who took the test, said he didn't get his score back yet.
  9. wrangler

    wrangler MassCops Member

    Mass civil service is a joke. thats why many years ago I left Mass and found and completed my career in another state. unfortunetly I had to move back to Mass due to family and now Mass taxes my pension.
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  10. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    Move to NH my man... Land of the free, no taxes and all the good guns.
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  11. wrangler

    wrangler MassCops Member

    Been pushing for the move to NH but the wife doesn't to go. Im just stuck for now.
  12. wrangler

    wrangler MassCops Member

  13. Norfolk101

    Norfolk101 MassCops Member

    Results don't come out until November. They're going through the 2013 Eligibility list until then.
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  14. Stantheman

    Stantheman MassCops Member

    I saw that November would be the release date but also by law they have to be released within 60 days. Not sure which will happen though.
  15. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    Lucky for you, you get to take the test again in 2017.

    And I'm amazed scores came out this quickly.
  16. Stantheman

    Stantheman MassCops Member

    Did you get your score today? I haven't received the email yet.
  17. Dalymiddleboro

    Dalymiddleboro MassCops Member

    Did they email you the results?

    On the main CS page they announced scores for the CO and EP exams but not the 2015 police/municipal exams yet.
  18. wwonka

    wwonka MassCops Member

    Which test? I got my Sgt's exam score from the same day.

    They emailed the scores out last week.
  19. Kenny

    Kenny MassCops Member

    You're saying that you've received the results from the 2015 exam that happened in April?
  20. OfficerMack

    OfficerMack MassCops Member

    I'm wondering that too. Last time I took the exam I didn't get my score until October or November.
  21. Kenny

    Kenny MassCops Member

    Really, hmm I haven't received mine yet. I wasn't expecting them for a few more months.
  22. Kenny

    Kenny MassCops Member

    Same here but then again the 2013 exam was delayed because of the Marathon Bombings so I'm assuming thats why those scores came out so much later. Interesting that they would send results to some candidates and not others, but I guess that's why it's called civil circus.
  23. WirePro_Joe

    WirePro_Joe MassCops Member

    I haven't received anything at all. I check the civil service website almost daily to see if any announcements are made about the scores being released. I've seen and heard nothing so far.
  24. Kenny

    Kenny MassCops Member

    I was browsing the site yesterday and they have a section where it specifically updates when the scores have been released for the different civil service exams. I didn't see the 2015 police officer exam on that list so I'm not sure how 617viet received his. Oh well.
  25. Rob720

    Rob720 MassCops Member

    Hi all,

    I took the civil service exam in April and submitted required document for vet stat. I recently completed my bachelors after the test. Does submitting documentation for this help me at all?

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