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2015 civil service test ALL POSTS

Discussion in 'Civil Service' started by Rob720, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Roadhouse69

    Roadhouse69 MassCops Member

    Really? What a small world we live in...
  2. 40thMPOC#309

    40thMPOC#309 MassCops Member

    Highest Ive heard was a 94.
  3. Umder24

    Umder24 New Member

    Highest I've heard was a 97
  4. WirePro_Joe

    WirePro_Joe MassCops Member

    For those that requested an audit of their score, has anyone heard back yet?
  5. militia_man

    militia_man MassCops Member

    If you're not a veteran, you have virtually no chance of being hired as a non-resident on a civil service police department. Even veterans have an uphill battle trying to get hired in a town that they don't have residency in, but occasionally they might be reached on the list for a small affluent town that does not have many residents on their list. Veterans and DVets are always near the top of the list for Transit PD, so you have no chance with them either.

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  6. ExSWATop

    ExSWATop MassCops Member

    Nada, and I wouldn't expect less from Civil Circus.
  7. Danusmc0321

    Danusmc0321 MassCops Member

    Getting depressing in here, last test everyone was asking eachother if they got a card, now it's "anyone hear back from their test AUDIT yet"
  8. ExSWATop

    ExSWATop MassCops Member

    Just a question but does 2.2 points sound awful low for ten years of continuous FT service, considering it's graded at .2 points per month of service....anyone know exactly how the calculations work...because it seems like however they want. based on .2 points per month of service it should be 2.4 points per year....then they factor it in as a percentage somehow...IDK, math was never my forte, someone call in a mathlete....and yes, this post is depressing as feck!
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  9. Jordany

    Jordany MassCops Member

    Well I have a 95 and residency preference. If you missed it they were requesting emails stating if you wanted residency preference. I got my email back the beginning of this month. I feel confident knowing most people from my city who took the test.. Anyways good luck.
  10. OneRe-TiredMarine

    OneRe-TiredMarine MassCops Member

    I have a few questions as I'm new to this process and I wasn't aware of how the process work.
    I scored 96 and just e-mailed the HRD to claim residence preference and veteran status.
    My questions are as followed:
    Can I claim veterans (5) points? If so, would it be wise or can I use those points multiple time?
    Is the 2013 nill and void now, or do those guys get moved to the top and the 2015 are placed accordingly?
    What if your city/town are not hiring, can you actively seek employment elsewhere or do you have to wait for their call?
    How strong is a 96?

    Sorry for all the questions, just really want to jump back into the mix!
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  11. WirePro_Joe

    WirePro_Joe MassCops Member

    My understanding is that the 2013 list will expire last day in October. If you didn't take the 2015 exam you won't be on the new list. A 96 sounds very strong compared to the results that guys have listed on this site. Sounds like a lot of guys scored in the high 90's (even 100's) on the last exam. This time around the scores are all over the place. 75, 80, 85, and 90's. With a 96, residency and a veteran, IMO you have a great shot. But I'm new to this process too. There's much more enlightened guys than me on here.
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  12. WirePro_Joe

    WirePro_Joe MassCops Member

    Got a response from CS in regards to my request for a review of my exam score.They provided me with an exact copy of my exam answer sheet with all the bubbles I filed in. They also provided a report of which answers the computer picked up from my sheet. I'm instructed to compare the two reports and report back to them any discrepancies. Basically it's a " here check our work for yourself" type of thing.
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  13. ExSWATop

    ExSWATop MassCops Member

    Yup, same here with the exception of a separate email stating they reviewed my experience credit and 2.2 points is accurate. Smh, how do we compare our answers to the "correct " ones.....this is a bag of suck and I don't know why I expected more
  14. Bloodhound

    Bloodhound MassCops Member

    The list is out kids...
  15. WirePro_Joe

    WirePro_Joe MassCops Member

    Are you just saying this because it's Nov 1st or have you actually seen the list? I haven't gotten any emails and didn't see anything on the CS website.
  16. DFG212

    DFG212 MassCops Member

    Yeah list is out. I'm ranking at about 7900, how bad is that relative to everyone else? What does ranking even mean in this and out of how many applicants? Atleast i'm a good ways away from dead last.
  17. Mahoney808

    Mahoney808 New Member

    It's on the CS website. It wasn't emailed.
  18. DFG212

    DFG212 MassCops Member

    The normal civil service website, they updated the list, well atleast for the cities around me.

    Eligible List
  19. WirePro_Joe

    WirePro_Joe MassCops Member

    Thanks. I found it.
  20. probvi11

    probvi11 New Member

    I am around 6200 and would love to know that as well. Also I selected language fluency for German but it is not listed next to my name. Did they forget to add the language?
  21. WirePro_Joe

    WirePro_Joe MassCops Member

    Tied with six other people for 47th out of 70 for my town. Guess I won't be getting looked at.
  22. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

  23. JD02124

    JD02124 Supporting Member

    451 for Boston.
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  24. Stantheman

    Stantheman MassCops Member

    3231 for Boston. Looks like I'm going for my water distribution licenses. If you need me I'll be a Men Who Ride Around.
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  25. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    Looks like you're in good shape, kid.

    People who are in the 2000 and up bracket... I would explore alternative options if I was in your shoes.
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