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The National Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (NAUMD) has selected 5 departments in this years Best Dressed Law Enforcement competition.

The NAUMD sponsors this awards program now in its 28th year by presenting awards to the Best-Dressed Law Enforcement Departments across the United States.

Over the years, the law enforcement officers' uniform has come to represent many things for the officer and the public who depend on their community police force. For the officer who puts on a uniform everyday, they are the first "recognized" safe person for most children, and it is their first line of defense against those who challenge authority and break the law. It is a unique combination of duties for any one article of clothing.

The best-dressed law enforcement officers' uniform projects an image of respect, of authority, and of constant professionalism. As a result, even as uniform designs change due to function, fabrics, and job factors, many could say a uniform is timeless, especially those who depend on it most, the everyday officer.

NAUMD Executive Director Bernard J. Lepper notes, "Police officers take a tremendous amount of pride in their work. This pride is, reflected in part through a department's uniform program. This year's fierce competition exemplifies this pride and underscores the link between a professional appearance and effective police work."

The Top National Winners and their categories are:

•Tucson Police Department, AZ - Best Dressed City (Over 200 officers)
•Franconia Township Police Dept., PA- Best Dressed City (Under 200 officers)
•Delaware State Police, DE- Best Dressed State Agency
•Harris County Sheriffs Dept., TX- Best Dressed County Agency
•Spartanburg Co. Detention Facility, SC - Best Specialized Agency Special Award -- 80th Anniversary Commemorative Uniform Award

The NAUMD salutes Rhode Island State Police and commemorates their uniform anniversary (1928 - 2006) by presenting the Rhode Island State Police with an 80th Anniversary Commemorative Uniform Award, as the best-dressed officers of Rhode Island. The Outstanding Achievement and their categories are:

•Tuscaloosa Police Dept., AL- Best Dressed City (Over 200)
•Newton Dept. Police Services, CT - Best Dressed City (Under 200) Tied
•Arkansas State Police, AK - Best Dressed State Agency
•Caswell County Sheriffs, VA - Best Dressed County Agency
•United States Capital Police, Washington, DC- Best Specialized Agency

The Honorable Mention and their categories are:

•Chesapeake Police Dept. VA - Best Dressed City (Over 200)
•Kokomo Police Dept. IN - Best Dressed City (Under 200)
•Suffolk Co. Police Dept., NY - Best Dressed County Agency
•California HWY Patrol, CA - Best Dressed State Agency
•San Diego Harbor Police, CA - Specialized Agency

The Best Dressed Law Enforcement Competition is open to all law enforcement agencies in the United States. Departments are eligible to compete in this prestigious competition by submitting applications in one of five categories. Entrants are judged on their combinations of overall appearance, neatness, projection of authority, practicality for designated functions, and adherence to uniform regulations. The purpose of the competition is to recognize and honor departments who have developed superior uniform standards and programs. This year's judges were Patrick De Mare, retired manager, New York Custom and Uniform Tailors Div. of Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union, Michael T. Filippello, Chief of Police, Parsippany, NJ Police Department, and Pete Kingwill, Law & Order Magazine. The top winners receive handsome plaques and certificates, while certificates are given to the outstanding achievement and honorable mention winners. More Information, Contact Donna J. Pierson, 212-869-0724 [email protected] &
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