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Prostitution Has Increased In New Britain, Officials Say

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. -- There has been an increase in prostitution in New Britain despite prevention efforts that have led to several prostitution arrests, members of the Narcotic Enforcement Bureau said Thursday.

Even with this crime suppression activity, they said, the complaints from residents and citizens pertaining to the prostitution activity continue to affect the quality of life for the public and merchants of the city.

The bureau used undercover officers Wednesday to apprehend those suspected to be responsible for this activity. A male undercover officer attempted to apprehend those on suspicion of prostitution while a female officer targeted areas to apprehend individuals on suspicion of soliciting prostitutes.

Based on this investigation, 20 arrests were made, four for prostitution and 16 for patronizing a prostitute.
Those arrested on suspicion of prostitution include Sherry Nguyen, 41, of New Britain; Carmen Torres, 45, of New Britain; Vera Pottle, 41, of New Britain; and Barbara Brochu, 40, of New Britain.

Those arrested on suspicion of patronizing a prostitute include Mariusz Cendrowski, 25, of New Britain; Wojciech Bargelski, 30, of New Britain; Michal Szpyt, 25, of New Britain; Angel Quise, 24, of New Britain; Juan Sanchez, 19, of New Britain; Pedro Illchi, 34, of New Britain; Waldemar Noga, 41, of New Britain; Bronislaw Warjas, 68, of New Britain; Hector Rosado, 34, of New Britain; Andrew Dixon, 29, of New Britain; Manuel Coro, 26, no permanent address; Vincenzo Ettorre, 44, of New Britain; Kazimierz Kosinski, 44, of New Britain; Gratien Sirois, 52, of New Britain; Ralph Ingenito, 39, of Berlin; and Michael Moore, 64, of Meriden.
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