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Well I will start with the Stupidity bit.

Driving on Mount Veronon Street tons of traffic and construction and near the State Police Barracks.

So I am driving along and there is a car in front of me goes through the green light as I was about to.
And a woman in her 30's just strolling across the street with a baby stroller with a toddler inside.

So I have to stop and let her pass of course cuz she is in a crosswalk after all.

Then after I pass I have to add my .02 cents.
I say to her calmy ""For the sake of your toddler please press the button and wait for the red light.

Then I get a "F you Mother F er. and she gives me the finger.

Second Story.

I was being tailgated by a LEO today. Female in a Gold Taurus.
98M F34

So I try to call it in as road rage because I couldnt even see her headlights.

Boston PD tells me to ""write a letter"" wonderful.

So I pull to the side let her by and she goes ahead and tailgates the guy in front of her. so ignorant.

ok thats all for now. Gotta love stupid people..............
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