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If someone can answer these 2 quesitons that would be great.

1. If anyone has a Link to CMR 540

2. I was in Auto Zone today and saw Tire Valve Stem lights that light up when the vehicle is in motion. The colors Green and White. Question is, are these illegal where they are below the hedlights and also can only be seen from the side of a vehicle? :?:

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GPD11 said:
Does that go the same for those stupid neon lights around the plate lights and those two neon lights that are on the hood (where the washer fluid comes out)??
Neon license plate lights
Neon Under-car kits (CMR)
Windshield washer lights
Valve stem caps

All of it, 9 times out of 10 if it did not come installed on the car from the factory it is probably not DOT approved and is subject to a chapter 90 or CMR citation.
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