2 Mississippi officers die in shooting; suspect in custody | MassCops

2 Mississippi officers die in shooting; suspect in custody

Discussion in 'Line of Duty Death News' started by kwflatbed, Sep 30, 2018.

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    2 Mississippi officers die in shooting; suspect in custody

    Warren Strain of the Department of Public Safety says two police officers died in an incident that occurred early Saturday in the city of Brookhaven.
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    Three of my guys are academy classmates of one of the officers. Sad days here. I'm still waiting for details, will post what I hear.

    And, She Who Must Be Obeyed lived in Brookhaven during her junior high years. Sleepy little burg at that time, though it has grown considerably since then.
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    Thanks for the update. Young men, just terrible. At least the comments were civil. Tried getting some info this morning on ABC News. Should have known better. People have gone insane.

    Condolences to the friends and family of those fallen officers.
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    Jesus... stay safe.
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    The first funeral is today. Brookhaven is about 90 minutes away, so I'll be heading there this morning with a few of our officers. More of us will go to the one tomorrow since some of my officers are academy classmates.

    When Hattiesburg PD lost two officers in 2015 there were agencies from all over represented. I hope to see something like that here but just not so sure. Brookhaven is a small town, and not really too near anything. Still, we will have a good showing for them ourselves. Even if you can't make it, keep them in your hearts this week.
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    God Bless you for going. Funerals are not a fun occasion but the outpouring of respect is always admirable, touching and sincere. God rest their souls.
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    So, I am happy to report a good showing. Even though Brookhaven is a small town (pop.12,000 or so) there were hundreds of patrol cars there. I saw officers from all over. Lots of Mississippi, of course, a lot from Alabama and Louisiana. The service was at a large church just outside of downtown Brookhaven, right on a state highway so easy to find.

    But after that, the burial was at a tiny little country church out in farm land and pine woods. I've attached a map, but it doesn't really show how far out it was from just about ANYWHERE. There I was, with a few hundred of my brothers and sisters, standing graveside at the end of a dirt road somewhere between Brookhaven and Monticello, MS (pop. 1,700 or so.) It's 90-plus degrees, and I'm standing behind NYPD, with Dallas and Chicago PD just a few feet away. I also saw Suffolk County, NY and Memphis, TN. Apologies to anyone else who was there and I missed them.

    Today is another funeral in Brookhaven, plus at the same time one for a state trooper killed in the northern part of the state.

    Prayers to our SC brothers and sisters as well.

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    And, I'm home. I'd like to also add Fort Worth, TX and the U.S. Park Rangers to the list of agencies present... along with many many others.

    This burial was in Bogue Chito, MS (pop. 500 or so) and it's pronounced "BOW-gah CHIT-ahh."

    In case any of you might find yourself there... or nearby... or have to use it in a sentence.

    I'm thoroughly beat, night all.
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    Good to hear. Great support for the family.

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