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By Charlie Breitrose/Daily News staff
The MetroWest Daily News
Posted Jul 17, 2008 @ 11:34 PM

Two shoplifting suspects at Natick Collection evaded mall security and led three law enforcement agencies on a chase through two towns before being caught.
Police received a call Wednesday at 7:31 p.m. about two shoplifters at Nordstrom who fled the mall after assaulting a store security officer, said police Lt. Brian Grassey.
Tony Boyse Jackson, 28, of 46 Deer Meadow Road, Bloomfield, Conn., and his sister Ebony Theresa Jackson, 26, of 132 Smith Drive, East Hartford, Conn., face multiple charges.
"They were momentarily detained by (store security), but they took exception to this," Grassey said.
Tony Jackson punched the security officer a number of times, and Ebony Jackson kicked him, police said. The security officer had scratches and cuts from the assault, Grassey said.
As they left the mall, Tony Jackson pushed a mall security officer near Lord & Taylor when the officer tried to stop them, Grassey said.
After leaving the mall, police said, Tony Jackson ran across Rte. 9 to Sherwood Plaza. Ebony Jackson, meanwhile, got into a black Acura and began to leave the mall parking lot, where she was chased by an officer in a car. Another officer, on foot, stepped in front of her to try to make her stop.
"Officer (Beth) Heffler said the female (driver) looked straight at her, the vehicle accelerated, and the vehicle drove toward her - she steered toward her," Grassey said. "The officer had to get out of the way, and the car sped past at a distance of less than an arm's length."
When she left the mall, Ebony Jackson made a U-turn on Rte. 9, against the light, and turned into the Dick's Sporting Goods parking lot. An officer drove toward her, and Jackson drove off, making an exit over the grass to get onto Speen Street.
From there Ebony Jackson led police down Hartford Street and to Bishop Street in Framingham before police broke off the pursuit.
"Because of the heavy population in the area, the officer didn't want to force the suspect to operate in a berserk manner," Grassey said.
The Acura was seen a short time later on Boden Lane in Natick and then West Central Street heading back into Framingham. It then went to Rte. 9, where Grassey said it was seen going 80 miles per hour.
Ebony Jackson drove to Oak Street and then Bacon Street, where police lost contact again, they said. A caller reported a car on Stillwater Circle, Grassey said, which is a dead-end street.
"Officers found the vehicle parked at 10 Stillwater Circle, and she was still inside asserting innocence," Grassey said. "She said, 'I didn't (expletive) do anything.' "
Police used a baton to break the car window when Jackson refused to get out, Grassey said, and she was screaming and squirming when officers removed her.
Ebony Jackson faces charges of larceny of items worth more than $250; conspiracy; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - a shod foot; assault with dangerous weapon - a vehicle; reckless driving; negligent driving; failing to stop for police; speeding; marked lanes violation; failing to obey a sign at an intersection; resisting arrest; receiving stolen property worth less than $250; and carrying a dangerous weapon - a 2-foot club, Grassey said.
Meanwhile, police received a report of a man running through the industrial park behind Sherwood Plaza. Callers reported seeing a man acting suspiciously, Grassey said, and ducking behind cars when police cars rolled past.
"We were fortunate that people were helping us and giving us information about what was going on," Grassey said.
Natick Police were joined by two Wellesley officers and a state trooper with a search dog.
One of the callers said they saw the suspect near St. Linus Church on Hartford Street. Wellesley Detective Bob Gallagher found Tony Jackson lying in shrubs in a side yard on Porter Road, Grassey said. Jackson was taken into custody without much resistance.
Tony Jackson faces charges of larceny of items worth more than $250, conspiracy, and two counts of assault and battery, Grassey said.
Each of the suspects was held on $15,000 bail, Grassey said.
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