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1st class completes sheriffs academy

Discussion in 'Sheriffs' started by MCOA41, Apr 10, 2005.

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    Okay, A few questions for the Wolfman: Is the issue(s) you have with the Deputy Sheriffs (qualification related and political) or is there more? If the complaint you have is that some are not paying dues, not trained and politically getting slots that they are not qualified to perform; good reason to complain. However, unqualified individuals holding a badge are not just confined to one agency!
    If, on the other hand, you have a problem with retired and current police officers working as Deputy Sheriffs then what is the real issue? Some of these people undoubtedly have many years of training and full-time academy training via M.C.J.T.C. Maybe even more time and experience on than you! Is the issue just that they are "different"? Hmmm...kinda hear a banjo in the background.
    There were not too many complaints when Sheriff's deputize various local officers to elevate jurisdictional issues while working in 94C task force(s). Again, some are or were full time cops who made a choice so what is the problem? I believe one of the Sheriff's K-9 officers out of Hampden County had one of the "live finds" at the World Trade Center shortly after 911 and was requested there by a friend in the NYPD! Guess he did more than parking tickets!
    Final thought for now, if some Sheriffs' are attempting to hire well qualified cops then I am not sure what the problem is. Not enough crime or maybe too much backup. If it is a high school type turf war than it is unrealistic and makes some look foolish.
    The Mass Statutes as well as a host of Massachusetts SJC & App. Ct. case law rulings are crystal clear as to Dep. Sheriff powers and duties; some agencies have just been a bit lax in exercising this legal power and training, for now.
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    bbelichick, (are the two b's a stuttering problem?) How do you interpet things? I never said that the S.O. patrols, we dont patrol. As I stated (if you would take the necessary time for you bbrain to interpet what is actually posted after reading it), is that we can and will write V's if a offense occurs in our presence and it warrants a V. Obviously you dont talk to many locals because if you did you would understand why they would like to work for the S.O.. As to which department I have worked on, does it really matter? And what makes you think that it was any of the ones you noted? Maybe could have been both of them or one/or more of the many others in my county, or maybe they were not even in my county, could have also been another state. Like I said does it really matter? RRemember RRead VVery CCarefully BBelichick.
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    Apparently the genius Sheriff's Deputy has never heard of Bill Belichick, thus "BBelichick." Check the Avatar if you are confused.

    You are being evasive. You either NEVER worked for a PD or it was a part time PD. Those are the only decent sized departments in the County. How big was the PD you worked for? And don't give me the "out of State" BS.

    Also, if you don't patrol, what do you do? That would make you a Jail Guard, and NO PO is leaving a F/T Police job to be a Guard. I have talked to PLENTY of F/T Cops in Franklin COunty. Just like everywhere else in Mass, they think the SO's are a joke (the Deputies, not the C/O's)

    And yes, If I stop an "LED" Deputy, it's a gig.
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    bbelichick, Obviously you don't have a sense of humor, lighten up. Going through life without a sense of humor makes one's life miserable. Come on smile the Pats are on top!! Is that a smile???
  5. bbelichick

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    Sheriff's Deputies= Bad

    Now I can smile.
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    Got ya to smile!
  7. 4424

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    Your welcome, glad I could be there for you.
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    I work in a large city department and sheriffs are all game.
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    Hey BBELICHICK, he must be the guy that bought his own motorcycle with blue lights and patrols Franklin County on his time. Give me a break, patrols will never happen in MASS, stick to the jails and we'll all be happy. Otherwise, get off your ass and get on a PD. You said you jumped ship, from what , an auxiliary position to the SO?
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    One of the major problems is money. There seems to be an unlimited amount of money in the Commonwealth to attempt to create new police agencies out of other jobs (Sheriff Office, MDC/DCR Park rangers, etc), but not enough money to fund the existing law enforcement agencies. When PO's have no fear of being laid-off and MSP is properly funded for its operations, then maybe, a big maybe, the new kids could come and play.
    It also doesn't help that politicians are just helping their buds out by letting them have their very own toy soldiers (the Sheriff, MDC Commish).
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    Hate to say it, but he is wanna be. He pays the Sheriff to wear his badge and works for free. He actually helped pay for the cruisers for the first K-9 units in Sfld. PD. so they would let him go play K-9 cop with them!!! He is a rich kid that cant get on any full time Departments. He works for the LED part of Hamden County. I know the K-9 guys at the jail, they are good guys and they dont work the streets or any other places, they just work behind the walls. So that put a hole in your theory. And no, I dont know this from hearing it from a friends sisters brothers cousin, I know this from fact because I use to work there. Sorry!!!! :p
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    So you still are not answering the question. What is your issue if a fully trained, current or ex police officer is working as a deputy sheriff? MSP75 gives some possible issues; you list none with any validity other than those who have political connections to gain employment. And that never takes place on local departments..lol
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    Well, I have to thank you for your enlightening simplification of your rhetoric, even though not totally accurate. It would seem that you have a problem with generalizations.

    The items that you claim have no regulatory process are not even close, at least for ALL sheriff's departments. You have no way of knowing what type of regulations cover each and all of the departments. Obviously training is a continuous and evolving process but you can't possibly know what areas are covered nor how up to date the training is.

    I have seen P.D.s, even some of larger size, that provide little or no
    in-service beyond the so called 40 hour rule. Some that don't even do that! Again $$. Physical standards (PAT's)are not in place for each and every police department beyond academy entrance standards, not even close. Face it, some departments, if you can walk and drive a car, it's all good. As far as serving at the "whim of one person", that is a common situation. Not all departments are civil service or under the umbrella protection of a union. The "just cause" standard or "cause you are a bone head" will not always sustain a termination procding. If a chief or even a supervisor has it out for an officer, they too may be at the "whim" of one.

    If certain sheriffs are seeking to improve or retain competent officers and provide current up-to-date training, then it is again an innaccurate generalization to assume that any given deputy sheriff's curriculum vitae is not up to par.

    I have friends in several local departments as well as MSP. The ones I know don't have this "us against them" problem with generalizations. There are clear money issues, I fully agree. The individual is what makes the difference. There are bone heads and exceptional officers in all departments. The majority are professionals!

    Hope not too much bla-bla-bla for you but you seem to like to spend a lot of time on this site.
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    This is true everywhere - local, county, state and federal. Test scores and academys, unfortunately, have been unable to consistantly locate the best of the best.
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    God Bless the Sheriffs-but how about the 2 useless donkeys we got to fill a couple of roadjobs for us last week? One had no magazines in the mag holder, and the other was as old as dirt. Both were plenty of help-standing on the sidewalk while my brother was working his ASS off in the roadway....USELESS!!!!
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    Sir Wolf, enlightening as usual but a few more points to add. The oh so great hierarchy you refer to is not without problems. In towns that have a c. 97 chief (weak chief statute) as you probably are aware of, and even some on c. 97A, the microscopic, self appointed police commissions and review boards, can turn a decent department into one that has selective enforcement. You know, when an officer gigs or grabs a councilmen's son for OUI and the case is flushed. A lot of times the accountability factor becomes out of control. All should be accountable but to whom is at issue.

    Sheriffs, last I checked, are elected and thus very accountable. If the citizens of the county that they are accountable to see fit, vote them out, or not.

    As far as checks and balances, I believe the Franklin County Sheriff is a retired MSP Lieutenant and has a retired MSP Major that works with him. I would guess there are some checks and balances there. The department out east you are talking about also has well trained law enforcement personnel working there, and ones even more current than those fine photos you scanned. (I have a good collection of those too)

    I think MSP has gone into towns to help clean up some problems at times and they are accountable to whom? Oh yes, the Colonel. Yes they work with the towns but maybe the sheriff in the east county is trying.

    Remember, not all towns have five cars rolling to all calls. A lot of the west county towns have smaller agencies that take calls alone! And there is quite a differnece between what you call patrol and just reacting to things encountered by deputy sheriffs. If a Dep. S/O that knows what s/he is doing witnesses a crime via 90s24, 209A, whatever, than you think they should call a local cop and dump it on them? Sheriff statutes are clear and again the SJC/App Ct. and local police have no problem using 37s13 for certain applicable mutual aid situations. It is a good one to be aware of. So I guess you would argue that the power of the sheriffs' statute is good for local police but not the department it was legislated for!

    I personally think if a qualified deputy sheriff, and I stress Qualified, is out doing their job, and while they are out serving warrants, papers, triad or task forces, etc, if they can be of help and ask, no harm done. They would be there anyway and that situation would not take any money away from the local P.D.s ! If not needed then they can continue on. I personally only assist when requested and act on what I come across, far different than total active primary patrol and taking 911 calls.

    In the future, far far away, maybe some sheriffs will go to primary. If so I truly hope it is not at the expense of any local funds and that if it becomes attractive to current or ex police, they be given first chance to apply, if they so desire.

    Chow for now, I am sure we will talk again
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    There is no such thing. Unless, of course, you are referring to being qualified to work as a Corrections Officer.
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    You guys are still crying about this, jesus there is nothing you can do about it.
  19. bbelichick

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    Not true. There are bills pending to limit Sheriffs authority to their own facilities. Of course, they will fight it because for the most part they are wannabe Cops, and are not satisfied doing the jobs they were elected to do.

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