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1st class completes sheriffs academy

Discussion in 'Sheriffs' started by MCOA41, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. MCOA41

    MCOA41 New Member

    1st class completes sheriffs academy
    Sunday, April 10, 2005
    [email protected]
    SPRINGFIELD - A first of its kind sheriffs academy graduated its initial class yesterday.

    The Western Massachusetts Regional Reserve Intermittent Police Academy had a class of 27 men and one woman from the sheriff's departments of Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin and Berkshire counties that trained for tasks ranging from crowd control to drug task force work.

    "I just want to tell you class, you're No. 1. Nobody can take that away from you," said Hampshire County Sheriff Frederick B. Macdonald.

    Hampden County Sheriff Michael J. Ashe Jr. also addressed the graduates, who had friends and family looking on during the ceremony at the Western Massachusetts Correctional Alcohol Center.

    "This is a great moment," Ashe said.

    Nicholas Cocchi, assistant deputy superintendent of training for the Hampden County Sheriff's Department, said the 21-week academy provided instruction in areas that "you don't get when you work behind the fences of a correctional environment."

    Cocchi oversaw operation of the academy and Alfred Ingham, a correctional officer with the Hampden County Sheriff's Department, was program manager.

    Jody P. Naglack of Palmer was the class president.

    "I feel great," the 26-year-old Naglack said after the ceremony. "I'm proud of my class. I'm proud of my accomplishments, my personal accomplishments."

    Lt. Katherine M. Sonsini of the Berkshire County Sheriff's Department was the only woman in the class. She said she simply took advantage of an opportunity provided by her sheriff, Carmen C. Massimiano Jr.

    "I think it just betters you as an individual," Sonsini said.

    The breakdown of the class members, by department, were: Hampden County Sheriff's Department, 9; Hampshire County Sheriff's Department, 1; Franklin County Sheriff's Department, 6; and Berkshire County Sheriff's Department, 12.

    Among those who attended the graduation was Chicopee Mayor Richard R. Goyette.
  2. Zuke

    Zuke New Member

    All that hoopla for graduating the Reserve Academy? What happens if the graduate the full time academy..... A Parade?. :D
  3. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    Then why bother? :?:
  4. MSP75

    MSP75 Guest

    Police don't get the money they NEED for training.
    Sheriff Dept gets money for training they DON'T NEED.
    I bet the hard working Sheriff Dept employees behind the fence would like to see that money come their way.
  5. USMCTrooper

    USMCTrooper Grim reaper

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but didnt the MCJTC or whatever its called now deny sheriffs from attending their academies? If that is true, then what creditable entity has certified this home grown program? It says "R/I" but who taught it, what accreditation carries with it and who certifies the curriculum under what state guidlines? Lastly, WHY even has a class like this?
  6. MCOA41

    MCOA41 New Member

    DS's can go through the R/I academy as in some parts of the state they do road jobs.

    SO' were kicked ot or stopped from having the CO academy at the police academies. My uncle taught the last class at the Agawam facility.

    As to why. What a better way for the politician (Sheriff) to pay back his guys who have helped to get him elected/re-elected. lol OK on this one I do not know why.

    Yes the money would be better spent on the CO's behind the wall.
  7. MCOA41

    MCOA41 New Member

    Correct me if I am wrong but COnnecitcut got rid of their Sherrif's. If we can get rid of the counties why not the Sheriff's. LEt the state DOC take over the jails. Heck the state pays the budget anyway.
  8. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    You are not wrong. The CT Dept of Corrections run the County Jails, like New Haven CC, Hartford CC and Bridgeport CC. The Sheriffs were moved into Courtroom security for a while, but after some high profile incidents, they were scrapped and the "Court Marshals" took over.
  9. Mortal knight

    Mortal knight Subscribing Member

    If we get rid of the Sheriffs, who else wil enforce Ch85.20?
    85.20= speeding on a county bridge;$2.00 fine.

    On a side note, how did Lt. Sonsini make Lt without this valuable training to begin with. :roll:
    Disclaimer:(Not a knock on the LT just the academy :twisted: )
  10. MCOA41

    MCOA41 New Member

    I got in Law Enforcement via the Sherrifs's Dept. I worked as a Special Deputy. Basicaly like the guys that are in the association but I was attached to a dive team that Trooper Blake Gilmore helped set up and train.

    I never knew there were county bridges. I have been all over the state and the only thing with the name county in it (besides the jails and SO offices) that I have seen is "County Road: that runs along the Holyoke, Southampton.


    Just think of all the money the county could get for enforcing this law. $$$$.

  11. MSP75

    MSP75 Guest

    The Sheriff is a constitutional office. An amendment would be needed.
  12. MCOA41

    MCOA41 New Member

    So amend away. Connecticut did.
  13. Macop

    Macop Subscribing Member

    Whine, whine, whine, quit ya bitchen.
  14. Southside

    Southside New Member

    Bullshate....name the source oh wise one! LOL. Can you imagine the spike in population from tourism being handled by prison guards. I think its a good idea if they stick to crossing guard duties and maybe a post with a little more enforcement....writing parking tickets.
  15. 4424

    4424 New Member

    Relax people, all this Police vs. Sheriff's crap is getting old. The number one priority is PUBLIC SAFETY!!! In my neck of the woods we have a great relationship with most Police Departments. If we pick up a WMS warrant the recall fee goes back to the town the defendant was arrested in, if we write a Ch. 90 V the proceeds go to the town the V was written in. Why do most posters on this board turn it into a us against them thing. We dont want your jobs, we do have a duty to ensure public safety. If something happens and we dont react accordingly it turns into a LIABILITY issue. Do you really think that when a police officer has to respond to a domestic alone because his fellow police officers are tied up on other calls, and is rolling around fighting a individual he really cares what color the uniform is that shows up to help. I dont think so!!!
  16. 4424

    4424 New Member

    Wolfman, If a tree falls in the woods and your not there does it make any noise. Yes Franklin County does write V's, not many but if somebody's stupid enough to violate a law in my presence they will get a V. There is a number of Deputies that can and will write V's. All these Deputies have worked on P.D.'s before moving onto the sheriff's department.

    You dont have to be a brain surgeon to figure out we all work for a paycheck to support ourselves/family. No need for me to read the threads concerning civil service,MSP,etc., been there done that. Also just so you know I have never made any type of donation to campaign/fundraiser/political parties. I got my job the good old fashion way. I applied for it and my previous police experiance helped me get it. You know like you said I busted my balls day in and day out and earned my badge and "coveted job".

    The deputies in my department that do Ch.90 and arrest warrants are not transport we have people that do that they are called the: TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT. We only transport the people we arrest.

    Wolfman, perhaps you should lean the structure of the department before you start knocking them, my department consists of many people doing many different jobs. Why dont you surf some sheriff department websites to see what each one does (were not all structured the same).

    And just to let you know, even after what you have said in your post, I'd still back you up even if you were pissed off and rolling around with some "reprobate" while your back up was transporting or on a Q5 watch. Just call well be there!!!
  17. jo

    jo New Member

    Wolfman. Every Franklin County Deputy that works the road that I can think of, is or has worked as a police officer. This means they have gone through the training prior to ever even taking a job with the sheriff. The sheriff himself is a retired LT with MSP and mandates that all his deputies are trained and certs are current. If you want to see a car stop and a citation written, see if you can do a ride along. Most police officers that I know usually ask if the sheriff will be hiring soon as the jurisdiction, money and state benifits far out way what the local pd can provide. Have fun tearing this apart I get direct deposit in the am and can afford to go away for the weekend so I probably will not be reading any sheriff bashing til monday.
  18. PBC FL Cop

    PBC FL Cop Subscribing Member

    I'm sure some local Police Officer's would jump to work for a Sheriff's Office if they get more into law enforcement, it has the potential of being a great job.
  19. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    Not in Mass. I know you are living with the delusion that Sheriff's Offices are the same as they are in Florida, but they are not. In Mass, it is the other way around. Deputies leave for F/T PD's. Any Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy that left a PD for FCSD iwas either: NOT a F/T Cop, worked for a tiny department or retired and is on their 2nd career. There is no way any PO left their F/T, decent sized PD job to be a Sheriff's Deputy.
  20. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    Good lord, a ride along with a Sheriff's Deputy. What the h*ll PD are you referring to that guys are dying to get out and be a Deputy? Every F/T PO I know thinks that the Sheriff's Deputies are tools. And I know the guys out in the local FC PD's. NONE of them are dying to get on the SD.
  21. popo

    popo New Member

    Hey 4424 SHeriff Fool, if you want to be a cop, get a job as one and stop pretending. Hey did I forget to say that I write up sheriffs everyday. :lol:
  22. jo

    jo New Member


    That same sheriff you "write up" in your one small town may just run into you with his cite book in the other twenty five towns that he has jurisdiction in. I cannot speak for any other county but franklin does have chapter 90 books. Use your head and hunt for contraband, warrants, and oui, not trouble. That same deputy also may be a retired or part time officer with lots of friends that work in lots of towns with lots of cite books.
  23. PBC FL Cop

    PBC FL Cop Subscribing Member

    I'm not living with any delusions and I didn't say nor imply Mass Sheriff's are the same as Florida Sheriff's, but there are numerous small police agencies in Mass and IF (and thats a big IF) a Sheriff's Office did get into law enforcement, then you would see F/T cops applying. An agency that offers the greatest amount of diversity will attract applicants regardless of the shape of the badge. If a Mass Sheriff's Office had a warrant, vice, gang and investigation unit, it would draw from agencies which only offer 32 years of uniform patrol, that only stands to reason. I'm not arguing for or against sheriff's, only stating "what if's".
  24. 4424

    4424 New Member

    POPO, Read my previous posts I was with a P.D. I went to the SO. Better pay, state benefits, countywide juristiction. Sounds to me like you have a problem with sheriff's departments in general. As Jo mentioned, come for a ride along in my county and see how P.D.'s and S.O.'s play nice together and respect the different aspects of each others jobs. Relax, there's enough shi*bags out there for everyone.
  25. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    Something strange is going on here. I worked for years in Franklin County and I never saw a Sheriff on patrol. I also never talked to a single Local who would ever jump ship. There are really only 2 large departments in Franklin County, Montague and Greenfield. Which one did you work for?

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