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The 1912 World Series trophy won by the Red Sox will be one of the many pieces of team memorabilia to go up for auction next month.

On October 18, Guernsey's action house will be holding an auction to celebrate the history of baseball at New York City's Madison Square Garden.

So why is the World Series trophy not sitting in a museum? According to Guernsey's Web site, the 1912 trophy was one of the very few World Series trophies to be owned by a private individual.

The 1912 team actually purchased the trophy to honor teammate and manager Jake Stahl. His name and the year 1912 are inscribed on the sterling silver trophy.

The trophy was obtained by a collector after remaining in the Stahl family for years.

Did you know the 1912 World Series Trophy was made in Gardner? Learn more about the trophy.

In addition to the World Series trophy, the auction will also feature an image of the entire 1912 Red Sox team and a letter to Babe Ruth, when he was with the Red Sox, offering the slugger a cash bonus to hit more home runs.

There is not admission fees to attend the auction. Click here to find out auction hours.

Can't get to New York? Visit eBay Live Auction or to place a bid online.
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