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11-year-old Northfield girl bags moose
Union Leader Correspondent

NORTHFIELD - Amber Nash is all of 11, but she's a crack shot with a firearm.

On Tuesday, in fact, she became one of the youngest hunters ever to bag a moose.

Amber was hunting with her dad, Al Nash, in Errol when she shot the 560-pound moose around 1 p.m.

"I've already got a turkey, a double-bearded one, this year. And I hope to get a deer this weekend," she said, referring to the Youth Deer hunt.

Amber Nash, 11, of Northfield, with her 560-pound moose. (ROGER AMSDEN photo)Thrilled by her success, Amber said she didn't mind helping with the messy task of gutting the animal and removing its intestines.

Al Nash, who won one of the 525 moose permits issued statewide in a lottery and named his daughter as his sub-permittee, said they spotted the moose while walking to a new stand with hunting guide Jason Parent of Belmont.

"I shot at it when it went into some brush but missed it," Al said. "When he came back out, Amber had the best shot at him and took it. Jason yelled out, 'You hit it,' but the moose took off."

They tracked it and found the moose on a knoll, where Amber was going to finish it off with her 7 mm-08 Remington rifle. However, her weapon wasn't loaded properly and only produced a click.

At that point, the moose started to rise and head away. Her father finished it off with one shot.

"It could still have gone a long way into the woods," he said.

Al Nash said he is happy to be able to share the experience of hunting with his daughter.

"My dad and I used to hunt together all of the time," he said. "It's a family tradition."

Amber said she enjoys all aspects of the outdoors and likes to fish as well as hunt. She likes to practice archery, as well. She also drives a four-wheeler most of the year and a snowmobile during the winter.

She was back in class at Winnisquam Regional Middle School yesterday, where she had lots of excitement to share with her classmates.

The Fish and Game Department said 295 kills have been reported so far in the state's nine-day moose hunting season, which ends Sunday.
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