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100-Year-Old Woman Found Shot Dead In L.I. Home

NORTH HAVEN, N.Y. (CBS) ― She may be the oldest murder victim in New York state history.

Police are hunting for the gunman who killed a 100-year-old woman in her home in the Hamptons.

CBS 2 HD got reaction Monday from stunned neighbors.

Just over the bridge and off a peninsula from Sag Harbor, the tiny 2-and-half square mile village of North Haven, where residents were stunned to learn of the murder of one of East End's oldest residents.

"Obviously, this type of crime is out of character for the area, but also a 100-year-old woman being shot is unique," said Suffolk County Homicide Det. Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick.

Jessie Burke celebrated her 100th birthday on Aug. 7. Three and half weeks later the matriarch of a well known family here was found shot dead in the back of the head, sitting in a chair in the den of her daughter's home on Payne Avenue.

Police said daughter Jean Burke, a former trustee who was once interviewed on "60 Minutes," discovered her mother's body and called 911.

"People are just shocked," neighbor Glenn Ficorilli said. "Just a quiet community and it is unbelievable to end the summer on a Labor Day like this."

"When somebody like that dies, living in the Hamptons, probably real-estate and family related," neighbor Seth Kelley added.

Police said Jessie Burke had all of her faculties and was quite active on a daily basis.

"Mrs. Burke was quite spry for her age, was alert, did the New York Times crossword every day," Det. Lt. Fitzpatrick said.

Police said there was no break-in, no forcible entry and nothing stolen. Jessie Burke had no caregiver, and leaves behind four children.

Among those being interviewed by police are Jessie Burke's children. Police said they have no suspects at this time.
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