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KNOXVILLE (WATE) -- Police say a shooting suspect is in custody and one employee was killed Wednesday afternoon in a clothing store at Knoxville Center Mall.
The identities of those involved haven't been released yet. The mall is closed for the rest of Wednesday night. It will reopen Thursday morning.
The shooting took place in Reno Menswear around 4:30 p.m.
The suspect was wounded twice and taken to UT Medical Center.
Police say the suspect was involved in a confrontation with an employee of Reno. The suspect shot the employee multiple times with a handgun. The employee was pronounced dead at the scene.
Police haven't described the confrontation further or what may have motivated it.
Two police officers responded to the scene and exchanged multiple shots with the suspect. The officers weren't hit.
People at the scene say they heard several shots and lots of running. Officers say they don't know yet how many shots were fired.
Some employees in the food court said they heard gunshots and pulled customers in to safety.
Employees of some stores and salons closed their gates and took other security precautions. At other stores, employees were ushered outside and told to stay until further notice.
Officers from the Knoxville Police Department and the Knox County Sheriff's Office are on the scene, as well as units from the Knoxville Fire Department. will continue adding more details to this report as they become available.
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