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'Gator helps police nab suspect

A Minden man, arrested by Dixie Inn authorities after an alligator chased him from his hiding place, has pleaded guilty to theft and resisting an officer.
Terry Jones, 23, was arrested September 22, by Dixie Inn Police and charged with misdemeanor theft and resisting an officer. On November 3, Jones was sentenced to serve 30 days for the charge of theft and 20 days for resisting. The sentences are to run concurrent.
On the day of Jones' arrest, Dixie Inn officers were called to Thirsty's Liquor Store after employees observed Jones steal a bottle of Grey Goose vodka. When the officers arrived on scene, Jones, who was sitting in a vehicle on the premises, removed his pants and ran across the street where he entered into a bar pit to hide. A short time later, a large alligator prompted Jones' quick exit from the water.

The Dixie Inn police report states, "Jones had gone into the water and had been hiding in there when a very large alligator appeared and flushed him out of his hiding spot."

Sherb Sentell, Webster Parish chief assistant district attorney, said the bar pits are home to several large alligators.
"If we had a dog, we could give him a citation or award for his assistance, but an alligator - it would be hard to find him again," chuckled Sentell. "The Dixie Inn officers were quick to the scene and did an awesome job as always, and we appreciate the alligator's assistance as well."

In an unrelated matter, Minden authorities arrested a Sibley man for illegally obtaining a drug prescription.

James "Jimmy" Potts, 51, of the 300 block of Salt Works Road, was arrested Wednesday on a warrant issued for obtaining a legend drug by fraud.

Minden Police Chief T.C. Bloxom said in April, Potts went to Fred's Pharmacy where he picked up a prescription for Trazodone, which had been filled for another individual.

Trazodone is prescribed for the symptomatic relief of depressive illness.

"Potts knew the prescription had been filled and he picked it up and kept it for himself," said Bloxom. "At 9:50 a.m. Wednesday, patrol officers observed Potts traveling on Lee Street. They initiated a traffic stop and served the warrant."

Potts was booked and transported to Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.
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