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A SICK game on Facebook has been removed from the website after The Sun revealed how kids were able to STAB each other. [/B]

Members of the internet social network could "SHANK" - street slang for knifing - other users by clicking on a blade icon in the popular SuperPoke! application.
The revelation comes at a time when the UK is gripped by a knife-crime epidemic with 21 teenagers dying violently in London alone this year.
But responding to calls from The Sun to remove it, US makers Slide admitted the icon was in bad taste and have taken it off.
Their spokesman said: "Slide does not condone violence whatsoever, and our SuperPoke! application is meant to foster fun, virtual communications between friends. We have removed this particular action as it misrepresents the SuperPoke! brand."
The uncle of murdered Harry Potter actor Rob Knox last night said Facebook bosses should be arrested for allowing the vile game.
The country has been blighted by an epidemic of stabbings, with tragic Rob, 18, among the victims.
Uncle John, 57, branded the website "disgusting" and said the game targeted teen thugs who carry blades.
He said: "Why the hell would a social networking site for teenagers put something like this forward?
"If the authorities really want to get tough on knife crime, the CEO or directors of Facebook should be arrested for inciting violence."
John, whose actor nephew died in May while trying to protect his younger brother in Sidcup, Kent, added: "They will just say it's a laugh and that it doesn't mean anything.
"But wait until one of their family members is a victim of knife crime and then see what they say.
"The stupidity of having this on their site is unbelievable. And they deliberately use the street term 'shanked', which is even worse. They are targeting the kids who are on street corners carrying knives."
Facebook allowed the virtual knife threat as part of its SuperPoke! application.
Members could use the blade icon to deliver the "attack" to any friend or stranger who has a profile. The victim then received a chilling message saying they had been "shanked". The SuperPoke! system is a favourite among teens, with more than a BILLION virtual actions sent - including kisses, hugs and slaps.
A Scotland Yard spokesman said no offence was committed when users sent the "shank" message.
The software tells users: "Use SuperPoke to do stuff to your friends. If you get lucky, they might just do it back to you."
News of the game is certain to horrify millions of parents whose children spend hours on the site.
Raymond Stevenson, a spokesman for anti-knife campaign group Urban Concepts, said: "It's appalling. We completely condemn it."
Twenty-one teenagers have been murdered in London alone so far this year. The majority of the attacks have involved knives.
In Bradford, West Yorks, a man died of stab wounds on Saturday after a street fight, thought to be between rival black and Asian gangs He was named as 22-year-old Rashid Elahi.
And in Streatham, South London, a man in his 40s was knifed to death yesterday after a row. He had not been named last night.
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