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‘Enough already’: Pennsylvania judge sets alleged rioters’ bail at $1 million

Discussion in 'Law Enforcement Articles' started by HistoryHound, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. HistoryHound

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    'Enough already': Pennsylvania judge sets alleged rioters' bail at $1 million

    I bet smiley in the upper left corner isn't smiling anymore. Though in the least surprising news ever, the Lt Governor (who looks as douchetastic as you can imagine) and the ACLU are calling it unconstitutional.

    Lancaster protesters bail set to $1 million, prompts Pennsylvania Lt Gov to call amount "blatantly unconstitutional"
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  2. Kilvinsky

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    The country has become a sewer and the shit is floating in and out of jail. Nice to know a new Ed Norton is around to help clean the sewer up. God Bless Judge Roth.

    How many folks were baffled by the Ed Norton reference? Show of hands?
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  3. mpd61

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    OK, once I stopped thinking Edward Norton........

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  5. PG1911

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    BLM/Antifa done fucked up bad. Lancaster city is a shithole but Lancaster County is the polar opposite: An area of rolling green hills, historic towns and villages, Amish farms, and anyone there who is NOT Amish is a God-fearing, gun loving, police supporting Republican. BLM is NOT going to find many allies there, and the county government is NOT going to play nicely with them.
    I highly doubt that cop lives in the city. But if BLM/Antifa heads out to the surrounding towns looking for him, it could be the last mistake they ever make; they will be outnumbered and surrounded.
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