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  1. Shop Talk
    Hi All, I am a patrol officer in a small department in MA, and we are trying to get our chief to agree to let us switch to load bearing vest carriers. He is a research driven individual, so what I am looking for is basically any research any of you might have come across supporting the health...
  2. Police Duty Gear For Sale / Wanted
    Hey all. Anyone know a tailor or supply shop who’ll stitch molle panels onto a Blauer outer vest? AAA won’t do it unless you get the vest new from them. I’m south of Foxboro but willing to drive a little bit
  3. Police Duty Gear For Sale / Wanted
    Bluhalo is a new invention that attaches to the underside of the vest and is inflated to creat airflow and heat dissipation. Pre-sale now get 30% off for the next 26 days. $35 instead of $50. Check it out and/or order here BLUHALO I'm a Police officer looking for your support to help bring...
  4. Equipment
    My dept. recently approved MOLLE on our outer carriers. Unfortunately I am having trouble finding MOLLE pouches, I tried AAA and Atlantic Tactical with little luck. My carrier is the shirt style so I’m looking for something that is more on the conservative side. Any recommendations on someplace...
1-4 of 4 Results