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  1. Ask A Cop
    Hello Everyone! I am new to this forum, and just have a few questions regarding my speeding ticket which is way over and I owe it big to the cop which made it civil and a 90/18 instead of a 90/17. The ticket is for 62 in a 35, so as you see that is 27 over, which is ridiculous! By this I mean...
  2. Tickets & Citations
    I got a speeding ticket. The officer was actually nice for giving me a 80 mph in 65 zone. He mentions in the ticket that Lidar /estimated was 89 mph. I really thought I was going at 80 at that time, was absent minded; going through family issues unfortunately. I have previous tickets when I...
  3. Tickets & Citations
    I received a speeding ticket on the Mass Pike & I have a few questions... I'll start by premising that I am an idiot. I was definitely speeding, I was late and a little panicked so I won't even try to defend myself against that but I am looking for a little guidance. Essentially what happened...
1-3 of 3 Results