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  1. Getting on the job?
    I’m currently in the reserve program (potentially one of the last ones I’m hearing) and I’m trying to find out who offers the 56 hour required firearms course you must take if you want to apply for a position that requires you to carry the course I’m in now does not do the firearms part only the...
  2. Getting on the job?
    Im looking to put myself through the MA reserve academy in February just looking for advice from anyone who has done the same or works in law enforcement In MA, I have my associates degree and live in the north shore area willing to travel somewhat. Trying to do my research online not alot of...
  3. Academy Information
    The following program is open to anyone who are interested in attending the Reserve/Intermittent Police Academy."Other police academies, which leave applicants to obtain the required sponsorship of a police chief on their own, Quinsigamond Police Chief Kevin Ritacco is offering to sponsor anyone...
  4. Getting on the job?
    The MIT Police are now accepting applications for the Sean A. Collier Police Scholarship that will send 1 recruit through the Lowell Police Academy in Sean's Memory. See below: The Officer Sean A. Collier Self Sponsor Scholarship On April 18, 2013 the MIT Police lost a brother and a friend...
  5. Municipal Police
    Anyone know anything about the Rhode Island academy? Anything helps, thanks a ton.
  6. Reserve / Auxiliary
    Hi, I'm interested in finding out what the career path is with R/I academy. I'm sorry if this information is easily/readily available and I'm just missing it. I've scoured the internet and can't seem to find a definitive answer and I do not know any police officers personally. Asking for a...
  7. Massachusetts Employment
    hi can anyone tell me if accepting a job as a "public safety officer" (non police) will allow you to keep up the credentials of the R/I academy? Or will you have to get a part time police job? Thanks in advance!
  8. Massachusetts Employment
    On April 18, 2013 the MIT Police lost a brother and a friend, Officer Sean Collier. In order to honor him in the best way they know how they set up a scholarship fund that would send one self-sponsored recruit (MIT Self-Sponsor) through the Lowell Police Academy (LPA) annually (the Scholarship)...
1-8 of 8 Results