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  1. Shop Talk
    Hey there! I run a business in which I customize 1:18 die-cast police cars and sometimes I do custom orders. Recently a custom order requested a FPIU SUV from the great state of Massachusetts. I thought I got pretty close with the paint I chose, however I want to be as accurate as possible. I'm...
  2. Getting on the job?
    Hello all, I was wondering what the mileage radius is to satisfy the residency requirement for the Boston Police Department. I live in Danvers, MA and Im not sure if that meets it. Thank you.
  3. Just Shootin' The Breeze
    Good Afternoon Everyone! Question: Someone is a Law Enforcement Officer in MA and falls under the LEOSA Act, and can carry in all 50 states and has the appropriate identification. That person only has an FID Card in Massachusetts, is it possible to have a handgun transferred to you privately? I...
  4. Vehicle Laws
    What is the currant law on car magnets I have a cleaning company and use my personal car sometimes and have a magnet on the door I was pulled over and the officer said that's not allowed unless you have commercial plates and my insurance company says that law was changed and I also have...
  5. Auxiliary and Reserve Officers
    Hello all, I am looking for any departments in Massachusetts that currently have an Auxiliary or Reserve Unit attached to them. If you could give me a list to work with, that would be great. Thank You and Safe Stay
  6. Academy Information
    Does anyone have info on whether selections have or have not been made and notices sent out for May Academy class 0005?
  7. Sheriffs
    Florida woman arrested by Sheriff's Office, Falmouth PD Being held without bail while awaiting extradition FALMOUTH, Massachusetts - A 28-year-old Florida woman is being held without bail today at the county jail in Bourne after being arrested yesterday as a fugitive from justice...
1-7 of 7 Results