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  1. Massachusetts Employment
    It doesn't look like this has been posted yet but Walpole is having an exam on the 14th. policeexamsolutions Anyone who is in the know and wouldn't mind answering a few questions for a FT guy looking to lateral over please PM me.
  2. New England Employment
    Not to be confused with Warwick MA (Pop. 780), the Warwick Police Dept. is hiring. The list is good for two years and many hirings are expected! Excellent pay, benefits and opportunities to advance. Base pay for a five year patrolman (excluding holiday pay) is just shy of 77K and a new contract...
  3. Getting on the job?
    It looks like Chicago is about to hire a ton of officers in the coming years, the test coming this April. It seems like its lottery style as long as you pass. Has anyone heard anything about working there? Also, for the guys who have chased the dream outside of Massachusetts, how has it been...
  4. New England Employment
    Pelham Police Dept Job Opening:Full-Time Police Dispatcher The Pelham Police Department will be conducting a hiring process for a Police Dispatcher position. The testing process will consist of a written examination, oral board, psychological test, polygraph test, background investigation, and...
  5. New England Employment
    Pelham Police Dept Job Opening: Police Officer Position The Pelham Police Department is currently accepting applications to fill vacancies for F/T Police Officer. Minimum qualifications for this position include: a minimum of 60 credit hours in an associate or baccalaureate educational...
  6. Massachusetts Employment
    The Amherst Massachusetts Police Department is accepting applications to fill an existing vacancy for the position of Police Officer. All applicants must possess a full time (22 week) Massachusetts Municipal Police Academy Certification or be able to obtain a waiver for out of state police...
1-6 of 6 Results