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  1. Just Shootin' The Breeze
    Good Afternoon Everyone! Question: Someone is a Law Enforcement Officer in MA and falls under the LEOSA Act, and can carry in all 50 states and has the appropriate identification. That person only has an FID Card in Massachusetts, is it possible to have a handgun transferred to you privately? I...
  2. Ask A Cop
    Hi everyone, I received a recruitment letter for the 85th RTT. I have a few questions that I’m hoping to get answered with some solutions to stream line the process. I’ll start off with tattoos, when I was younger, I had gotten two forearm tattoos that are tasteful, as far as tattoos go. I’ve...
  3. Tickets & Citations
    Massachusetts state trooper gave me a citation for tinted windows he also stated that if i tried taking it to court he’ll hit me with other citations. can an officer do that? can he hit me with other charges or violations that weren’t on the original ticket that was bought to court?
  4. Tickets & Citations
    My truck has tinted windows that are passed the legal limit and i’m aware of that. my issue is that and my buddy pulled into the play grounds parking lot behind my high school to talk, the parking lot wasn’t plowed and my trucks 4wd isn’t working at the time so tried turning around and i broke...
  5. Training Classes and Course Information
    Hey all, I've been searching for any law enforcement ATV certification courses in the New England area. My PD has an ATV but no one in patrol is currently certified so she's collecting dust. I'm located in CT, but the agency my department used to go to for ATV school no longer offers classes...
  6. Massachusetts Employment
    Hello all. I've been reading a lot of the threads here and I figured I would throw out a call for help/advice. I'm a 30 year old deputy sheriff in Massachusetts. I have 11 years on the job. I served 6 years in the army guard but never deployed so I don't have vet status. I currently have no...
1-6 of 6 Results