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  1. Ask A Cop
    Hey I have a question. I just got hit with a 250 dollar fine for failure to present my registration card on my dirt bike. But my bike had the registration stickers on it. Will I win this appeal if i present my registration card in court? Or atleast get it reduced? $250 is pretty damn steep was...
  2. Tickets & Citations
    College friend is nervous he will get a ticket/citation mailed to him for public urination. He was outside apparently peeing on a sidewalk column late Saturday night. No one was around but he is worried about being identified from possible surveillance cameras and hit with a misdemeanour.
  3. Tickets & Citations
    Massachusetts state trooper gave me a citation for tinted windows he also stated that if i tried taking it to court he’ll hit me with other citations. can an officer do that? can he hit me with other charges or violations that weren’t on the original ticket that was bought to court?
1-3 of 3 Results