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  1. Getting on the job?
    For anyone who might know what are chances for someone is Boston resident who scored in the 70s getting selected.
  2. Civil Service
    Hello all, from the town of Danvers and their department is not hiring for police officers at the moment. I am currently going through the hiring process for the Transit police in Boston. I’m a 23 y.o. vet and would love a job with some adventure to it. Any insight as to how the job is in...
  3. Getting on the job?
    Hello all, I was wondering what the mileage radius is to satisfy the residency requirement for the Boston Police Department. I live in Danvers, MA and Im not sure if that meets it. Thank you.
  4. New England
    Two exotic dancers allegedly steal BPD officer's gun in Pawtucket hotel room Two exotic dancers allegedly steal BPD officer's gun in Pawtucket hotel room
  5. Ask A Cop
    We are a group from MIT working on a modular technology that assists officers in stressful scenarios to improve situational awareness and safety. The goal of the technology is to perform secondary tasks for the officers (such as turning on body cameras or contacting dispatch) in stressful...
  6. Getting on the job?
    Good afternoon everyone. To put things short I happen to be in the U.S. Coast Guard right now and was interested in the Boston Police Department upon completion of my enlistment. I imagine the Department doesn't hire a ton of people and was basically wondering what the whole process would be. I...
1-6 of 6 Results