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  1. Shop Talk
    My agency is considering trying to find a department chaplain. Unfortunately I can't find any literature online or recommendations or articles about the process. It seems like it could be a touchy situation. Through my professional experience I know chaplains can be such a useful tool for the...
  2. Ask A Cop
    Hi everyone, I received a recruitment letter for the 85th RTT. I have a few questions that I’m hoping to get answered with some solutions to stream line the process. I’ll start off with tattoos, when I was younger, I had gotten two forearm tattoos that are tasteful, as far as tattoos go. I’ve...
  3. Massachusetts Employment
    Hello all. I've been reading a lot of the threads here and I figured I would throw out a call for help/advice. I'm a 30 year old deputy sheriff in Massachusetts. I have 11 years on the job. I served 6 years in the army guard but never deployed so I don't have vet status. I currently have no...
1-3 of 3 Results