Wisconsin Public employees under attack

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    Public employees are now being slammed all over the country. Pensions, salaries, working conditions and benefits are being targeted by those who want to continue tearing down middle class America. The same is now happening here in New Hampshire where politicians, now that we have gone again to becoming a "red state" are introducing legislation designed to destroy all the advances public employees have made in the last few decades. We can't blame democrats or republicans per se but we can blame those very wealthy who pour millions of dollars into their campaigns to maintain and tighten their firm grasp on virtually everything that happens in this world at our expense. They have used us to accomplish their own goals and many don't even realize it.
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    Dems missing from Wis. Capitol ahead of union vote

    MADISON, Wis. – Police officers were dispatched Thursday to find Wisconsin state lawmakers who had apparently boycotted a vote on a sweeping bill that would strip most government workers of their collective bargaining rights.

    The lawmakers, all Democrats in the state Senate, did not show up when they were ordered to attend a midday vote on the legislation.
    The proposal has been the focus of intense protests at the Statehouse for three days. As Republicans tried to begin Senate business Thursday, observers in the gallery screamed "Freedom! Democracy! Unions!"

    Republicans hold a 19-14 majority, but they need at least one Democrat to be present before taking a vote on the bill.

    Dems missing from Wis. Capitol ahead of union vote - Yahoo! News

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    The Democratic National Committee's Organizing for America arm -- the remnant of the 2008 Obama campaign -- is playing an active role in organizing protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's attempt to strip most public employees of collective bargaining rights.

    OfA, as the campaign group is known, has been criticized at times for staying out of local issues like same-sex marraige, but it's riding to the aide of the public sector unions who hoping to persuade some Republican legislators to oppose Walker's plan. And while Obama may have his difference with teachers unions, OfA's engagement with the fight -- and Obama's own clear stance against Walker -- mean that he's remaining loyal to key Democratic Party allies at what is, for them, a very dangerous moment.

    OfA Wisconsin's field efforts include filling buses and building turnout for the rallies this week in Madison, organizing 15 rapid response phone banks urging supporters to call their state legislators, and working on planning and producing rallies, a Democratic Party official in Washington said.

    DNC playing role in Wisconsin protests - Ben Smith - POLITICO.com
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    The irony of this is the governor sent state troopers out to find democratic legislators as without at least one present the Republicans could take action that would severly affect State Patrol benefits. I hope they can't locate any of them in spite of an intensive search.
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    Democrats Who Left State are Located

    MADISON - Democratic State Senators who protested the budget repair bill by leaving the state have been found.

    The lawmakers are in the Best Western Clock Tower Resort in Rockford Illinois.

    Law enforcement officials have been looking for at least one Democratic senator to bring in for a quorum required for a fiscal measure, but Democratic Senator Jon Erpenbach confirmed to Newsradio 620 WTMJ that he and all of his Democratic colleagues boarded a bus and left the state.

    Budget Battle: Democrats Who Left State are Located | Today's TMJ4 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin News, Weather, Sports, WTMJ | Local News
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    Police and Fire are by and large exempt from what Gov. Walker is doing there as those unions have taken voluntary cuts across the board from what Fox news reported.
    "Wisconsin's measure would end collective bargaining for state, county and local workers, except for police, firefighters and the state patrol. Unions still could represent workers, but could not seek pay increases above those pegged to the Consumer Price Index unless approved by a public referendum. Unions also could not force employees to pay dues and would have to hold annual votes to stay organized."

    Read more: Wisconsin Governor to Missing Democrats: Do Your Job - FoxNews.com
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    I would never support any elected official who would do that to any union, public or private. This is why I cannot blindly support one party or the other. All public employees, active and retired, are under attack and until we get together and stand up as a strong unit they will whittle away at us one at a time until there are no rights for any worker.
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    Don't know all the ins and outs of the bill or exactly what the Gov wants to accomplish, but I can say that unions can be good and unions can be bad, seems like lately a lot unions have gotten a bit gready. just my thoughts.
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    So basically, Wisconsin is taking away bargaining rights in respect to pay and making WI a right-to-work state.

    Well, it's a slippery slope and the cops are next. MA public employees have only had the right to bargain since 1972...this could happen here.

    If this were to ever happen here, the new S-series cite may as well do away with the waring option, and towns better double down on their liability insurance since it's likely the number of times you can take away someone's fourth amendment liberty will be incentivized as a metric of performance and payraise.
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    This Governor is dividing and conquering. He didn't include corrections, police or fire in this bill. I have been watching this closely, you can bet the next bill will be only corrections, police and fire.
    He came to office with a surplus and after giving tax breaks to companies, he has a deficit. Now, they have to take from the employees. This is the start of the way these politicians think. Rhode Island Leagues of cities and towns(union of Mayors) want legislation to strip the collective bargaining rights. They want to pay what they want. :banghead:
    Watch the Ed show, the guy is all over this Governor!!!:stomp:
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    When will people wake up and realize that public employees are NOT the problem, and it's the illegal aliens, junkies, drunks, and welfare leeches that are draining this society? Health care for union employees isn't the "budget buster" as it's so commonly called, but rather the real "budget busters" are the aforementioned groups.

    Riddle me this.....before the creation of the state lottery which pumps billions of dollars into the state coffers, Massachusetts managed to balance the budget and pay public employees a fair wage. Why can't they do so now with all that extra lottery cash?

    Perhaps it's because of the illegal aliens, junkies, drunks, and welfare leeches?
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    Jesse Jackson rallies protesters at Wis. Capitol

    MADISON, Wis. (AP) - The Rev. Jesse Jackson has urged thousands of protesters in the Wisconsin Capitol to continue their stand against a sweeping anti-union bill that state Republicans are pushing.

    Jackson made an unannounced appearance at the protests Friday afternoon. Protesters rushed to shake his hand or high-five him, and many shouted, "Thank you, Jesse."

    Jesse Jackson rallies protesters at Wis. Capitol - WKBT News 8 - La Crosse, WI
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    Re: Jesse Jackson rallies protesters at Wis. Capitol

    In a world gone mad, Jesse Jackson has become my friend.
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    Re: Jesse Jackson rallies protesters at Wis. Capitol

    Be careful of the old "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Jesse Jackson is nobodys friend.

    I'm really not sure about this whole thing. From what I hear the Gov is trying to get them to pay more toward their retirement and health care. While I understand no one wants to have to pay more doesnt it make sense if that is what you have to do to keep jobs? That being said I do feel that before they cut anything from the workers they need to cut welfare benefits and SSI for anyone under age 65. Maybe I'm missing something here, but I find it very odd when people are agreeing with Jesse Jackson and odrama.
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    Re: Dems missing from Wis. Capitol ahead of union vote

    I must have nodded off at in-service--- is there a MA law that authorizes police officers to kidnap legislators and haul them into the Great and General Court? Does WI have one? What would you do if the chief called you into his office and told you to bring councilor or selectman Jones to city hall against his will for a vote?

    I think I know what I'd do.

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    It happens here already - it's called "agree to the contract - THEN DON'T FUND IT"

    They do it ALL the time to us !!

    Funny - Teachers' and Nurses aren't out picketing for us when WE go 3 years without a contract!
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    Wisconsin protests: why 'week of rage' matters to rest of America

    The Wisconsin protests are providing one of the first signs that the Midwest could become the primary testing ground for November’s tea party revolution.

    Plans by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and the legislature to gut collective bargaining – the tool by which public unions secure pay and benefits – for most public employees could spill into other Midwest states as a wave of small-government conservatives elected last year take on some of Democrats’ most cherished ideals.

    No region of the country was more comprehensively recast by the 2010 elections than the seven states of the upper Midwest that arc from Minnesota to Ohio. Where before Democrats had held the upper hand, Republicans now have a virtual stranglehold on politics, controlling both houses of the legislature and the governors’ chairs in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

    Wisconsin protests: why 'week of rage' matters to rest of America - CSMonitor.com
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    After seeing some of the protesters on the news, I'm starting to see a resemblace to what we just seen in Egypt.....Could this be the begining of the new civil war?:skull:
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    this is a harbinger of things to come.

    the country is in deep do-do.

    the politicians will keep the welfare checks rolling for as long as possible.

    when they stop the ensuing riots that will make protesting state workers look pretty tame

    right now we're ( public safety ) just easy targets
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    This is more like the austerity protests of Europe late last year.

    After watching the evening news, what pisses me off about this is how the governor has played politics with his divide and conquer strategy: Police, fire, and highway patrol unions are exempt from this bill. Oddly, corrections officers are not.

    Why? Guess which one of the aforementioned four unions didn't endorse the governor in his recent campaign.
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    I'll take corrections for $500, Alex....I mean, Obie.
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    Re: Dems missing from Wis. Capitol ahead of union vote

    If it is the Massachusetts House, I would object as an unlawful order:
    Massachusetts Const. Pt. 2, C. 1, § 3, Art. X

    And while the House has contempt powers, it doesn't appear they can use them on their own members--only non-members of the body. Either way, contempt would likely fall under the guise of "civil process", which means if it is indeed allowed, it would be up to the Sergeant-at-arms, constables, or sheriffs--all that provided they have some sort of arrest authority in a another state.

    The Massachusetts Senate, however, appears to have no such arrest protection.

    There is a provision that states a House member must be granted leave to depart during session, but this is obviously not followed on a regular basis and there is no remedy listed for when it does occur.
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    Wisconsin Gov trying to end collective bargining rights

    (CBSNews) Protests are continuing at the State Capitol in Madison against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker proposal to eliminate public employee unions' right to collective bargaining, as well as increase employee health care premiums.

    In an effort to postpone a vote in the State Senate, 14 Democratic senators fled the state.

    State Senator Jon Erpenbach - one of the Democratic lawmakers - told "The Early Show on Saturday Morning" that the Republican governor's proposal "has torn the state of Wisconsin apart."

    "That's not the right way to go," Erpenbach told "Early Show" anchor Rebecca Jarvis. "The state employees have talked about the money and giving up the money, and that's fine. But what they have a problem with - and what a lot of us have a problem with - is the fact that Governor Walker is taking decades of union law and throwing it out the window and trying to bust the unions altogether, and that's just not the right way to go."

    When Jarvis asked if he were violating his state's constitution by refusing to attend a vote, Erpenbach said, "Oh, no, not at all. In fact we're actually doing our job. We're standing up for the thousands and thousands of people who haven't been heard on this legislation at all.

    "And make no mistake about it: Something's going to pass, we will take a vote. This budget actually ends on June 30. So we have plenty of time to slow things down, to talk it through and to see that the governor can come to the table and force some sort of compromise and move us forward."

    Union showdowns spread across country
    Photos: Wisconsin protests

    "The governor has crossed that line on something that made Wisconsin pretty strong, and certainly a leader in the nation over the last I don't know how many decades when it comes to collective bargaining," said Erpenbach. "For the governor to stand up and say to all those hard-working men and women in Wisconsin we're going to take away your right to collectively bargain, it's absolutely, positively wrong.

    "Wisconsin was built on unions and this legislation, what the governor wants to do is just rip that fabric apart," he said. "That's not the responsible way to go."

    When asked how long the impasse can continue, Erpenbach replied, "That's totally up to them, and that's totally up to the governor. The governor has a responsibility to lead the state of Wisconsin by consensus, if he can at all. It's his responsibility to take two sides, sit them down, and try and work something out. He hasn't done that so far. And that's actually kind of disappointing.

    "The public employees have said you can take the money - the money isn't the issue. The issue is their right to collectively bargain their contracts. And that's where we all have to draw the line."

    If the budget bill did not include the revocation of collective bargaining power, would he vote "yes," Erpenbach was asked?

    "It all depends on where the rest of the cuts came from," he replied.

    "Keep in mind, Rebecca, we're only talking about $130 million in this budget adjustment bill. That's it. The state's already spent $150 million this year on business tax breaks. That's money we didn't have, but we're still going to give it to businesses.

    When asked where the money can come from to fill that budget hole, Erpenbach said, look at business tax breaks "that we just handed out for some unknown reason. Again, it's $150 million; our budget hole is $130 million. I think the math is pretty easy on this.

    Erpenbach was asked what kind of message sent by the Democratic lawmakers fleeing the state and the continuous protests send to children.

    "Well, actually the message we're sending to children is sometimes this is what democracy looks like. Sometimes people have to rise up, they have to let their voices be heard, and you know, when this first started what, on Monday, there was about 10,000 people. Yesterday there were 40,000 people. And these aren't just union employees, they're friends, they're neighbors, they're family members. They see what this legislation does. They don't like what this legislation does and they think it goes way too far. So the message to the kids is sometimes this is what democracy looks like."

    I am suprised no one else has seen this. Thank god this does not include Police and Fire. They were smart enough to sit and make consessions.I am sick of the overall greed of the teachers unions. They are giving all of us a bad name.
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