Westfield Officer Stabbed, Suspect Shot

Discussion in 'New England' started by PPD54, Apr 7, 2012.

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    Speedy recovery brother.
  3. fra444

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    Nice job and get well soon Brother!!!!
  4. Irishpride

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    I sincerely wish the officer a speedy recovery. This incident should serve as a reminder to all of us that when we are confronted by a suspect with a knife, we should be going to our firearm. The taser is not an appropriate tool during a lethal force encounter.
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    Almost excellent outcome - prayers for a speedy recover officer !
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    Speedy recover officer
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    AYE YAYE YAEeeeeeee:

    whoknows1 April 07, 2012 at 11:21AM
    definitely racially motivated. This guy only wanted to slice the officer not kill him! For the other officer to discharge his gun without knowing all the fact is not right. He should not have violated the civil rights of Mr. Musto. Mr. Musto was trying to get back with his wife and settle down in life. Now this! Can't wait for the demonstrations by Al & Jessie!
  8. cc3915

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    Has to be sarcasm, or maybe NOT.
  9. LGriffin

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    Best wishes for the Officers full recovery.
  10. csauce777

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    Exactly. Sounds like the good guys come out on top this time, but this should be a reminder, if he's armed and close enough to stab you, he's too close for your taser. Your gun should be out.
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  11. Johnny Law

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    I wonder if the white noise of politics had a bearing on the officer's decision to draw a TASER? You know, you're reading it in the comments sections of the newspaper.
  12. ShmitDiesel

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    Get well soon!
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    Speedy recover to this officer.
  14. Foxy85

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    Tasers are too PC. Can't stand them, when they work.... great, but we're just pussifying ourselves with them. F-YOU. You wanna go toe to toe, I'm using the big metal pipe that I was issued, to make you wish you thought twice about it. Want to keep going or step it up a notch, let me introduce you to my .40 Cal.

    I've never heard of a solid baton strike to the shin or forearm ever failing.

    Your taser fails, then your stuck basically holding your dick in your hand...

    Not saying the baton would have been better here, and I'm not judging this incident cause I wasn't there, but man I disdain the taser.

    Get well Officer - way to thin the heard of idiots!
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  15. mpd61

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    Couldn't agree more....
    I am the only patrolman on my shift who doesn't carry the taser. I don't NEED it, too many tools on the belt. I've trained for years with Pepper spray in weak hand and transit to Firearm with escalation. We already had one change to use of force policy since taser issue. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad my mates have them on their belts, and they are a useful tool but I'm all set thanks...

    Speedy recovery!
  16. LGriffin

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    The assisting officer did as he was trained and did so very well.

    Foxy, I too am pro baton. I've always had good results and sometimes all you have to do is crack that thing out to get the situation under control. The day they do away with them will be a very sad day but with the way PD's are folding to civilian pressure, it may not be far off.
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  18. Johnny Law

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    Sorry man, as a proponent of speak softly but carry a big stick and having used said stick numerous times in defense of myself, I can say quite definitely that an absolutely sweetheart of a stike in any place but the head or balls has failed me on a few incidents.

    Case study: An enraged man was tearing up the local homeless shelter. Dildo won't leave and thinks its a good idea to challenge us to a fight. At that point, either adrenaline or just plain rage had taken over the suspect and the fight continued. Even my partner at the time, who is also a DT instructor, had landed a few great blows. The only thing that stopped that fight was a combination OC spray from him, and I put the guy headfirst through a second floor window (he didn't fall out, sad to say).

    After the damage was tallied, there were baton marks breaking through plaster lathe walls, and I even saw where my partner had landed a baton strike on my forearm in the confusion. Didn't even know it until afterward, and it didn't stop me from fighting.
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  20. Foxy85

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    Unfortunately - there are those freaks out there. Sometimes no amount of brute strength will do. They're either just insane or full of PCP, etc.....And thats the argument that Taser-nuts will make.

    Its a useful tool, it has its place, but its not a replacement to the baton. I know the argument has been made here before (probably on a few occasions), that if you're going to add to the tool belt thats fine, but don't make it a replacement or additional step in the use of force.....

    I'm just a lowly PTer, so my rank in the pecking order is low, but I wouldn't give up my baton for anything.

    Apologies for high-jacking the thread, I'm just not a fan of the taser, as its overly glorified.

    Again, get well Officer.
  21. Hush

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    So the moral of the story is don't bring a knife to a gunfight, and don't bring a Thomas A Swift Electric Rifle to a knife fight.

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    Don't bring a nightstick to a knife fight either!!!! That was learned the hard way in my city in, I think it was 99 when they snuck up behind a knife wielding male and struck him in the arm with a baton. This male then turned and almost killed the officer who struck him with the baton. Like Irishpride said, lethal force gets lethal force!
  23. Delta784

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    Best wishes for a speedy & full recovery!
  24. LA Copper

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    After having been involved with Tasers for over 20 years, my opinion is they are an excellent tool used during the right circumstances. If we have the opportunity to carry it, we should; if for no other reason than it gives us another use of force option when the situation arises. We just need to know when to use which tool. That's where training comes into play.

    After reading the article and like others here not having all the facts, it sounds like a lack of training in this type of situation. We should all know, if a pissed off bad guy is armed with a weapon that could cause serious bodily injury or death, and we're by ourselves, the only weapon option at that time is our firearm. There may be no second chances in that type of incident.

    I hope the officer fully recovers and is able to get back to work.
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    Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery to the Officer

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