Wall Street Protesters Arrested

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    Police Reportedly Went Undercover To Watch Occupy L.A.

    • [​IMG]
      November 30, 2011: Police prepare to remove a structure at the Occupy Los Angeles encampment outside City Hall in Los Angeles .
    LOS ANGELES – Media reports say Los Angeles police used nearly a dozen undercover detectives to infiltrate the Occupy LA encampment in the weeks before Wednesday's raid to gather information on protesters' intentions.
    A police source who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the case is ongoing tells the Los Angeles Times that none of the officers slept at the camp, but tried to blend in to learn about plans to resist or use weapons against police.

    Read more: Police Reportedly Went Undercover To Watch Occupy L.A. | Fox News

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    Man Found Dead at Texas 'Occupy' Camp

    DENTON, Texas – A man was found dead Saturday afternoon in a tent at the "Occupy Denton" campsite on the grounds of the University of North Texas, KNTU-Radio reported.
    University and city police found the body at the eight-tent encampment after someone contacted authorities between 5:00pm and 5:30pm local time, UNT spokesman Buddy Price told the station.
    Price said crime scene tape had been put up to block off the campsite and that protesters would not be allowed back in to the area until investigations into the death had been finalized.
    A statement published on the university's Facebook page said police had not yet identified how the as-yet unidentified man had died, but believed he was a participant in the "Occupy" protest.

    Read more: Man Found Dead At Texas 'Occupy' Camp | Fox News

    Police Arrest 'Occupy Portland' Protesters After They Refuse to Leave Park

    PORTLAND – Authorities say riot police moved into a downtown Portland park area and arrested several anti-Wall Street protesters Saturday night after they refused to vacate the park.
    Police Sgt. Pete Simpson says officers began detaining protesters at South Park blocks around 8:30 p.m., after the park was closed a half hour early,
    He says several arrests were made but still doesn't have an exact count.

    Read more: Police Arrest 'Occupy Portland' Protesters After They Refuse To Leave Park | Fox News

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    Harlem’s cops are otherwise ‘occupied’

    When in doubt, blame the hippies.
    Uptown cops can’t beef up patrols in bullet-riddled Harlem because they’ve been redirected to Wall Street, a top cop allegedly told furious residents last week — even though mass Occupy Wall Street protests fizzled out two weeks ago.
    Parents said several daytime shootings in East Harlem prompted an emergency meeting Thursday morning at Central Park East 1 elementary school.
    They demanded to know why they haven’t seen more beat cops pounding the pavement — and said they received a puzzling answer from Deputy Inspector William Pla, the commander of East Harlem’s 23rd Precinct.
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    Forgive me if this has already been posted but I didn't see it on this tread:

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    Notice the true story is NOT reported on mainstream media.
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    What a bunch of spoiled little brats
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    NYPD Pushes Back Against Calls for Probe Into Police Conduct at Occupy Wall Street Protests

    • [​IMG]
      Nov. 15, 2011: Occupy Wall Street protesters are detained by police officers after being ordered to leave Zuccotti Park, their longtime encampment in New York.
    The New York Police Department is pushing back against calls for a federal probe into allegations of excessive force at the Occupy Wall Street protests, claiming the department "accommodated lawful protest" and made arrests when unlawful conduct was observed.
    In a letter dated Tuesday, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., called on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to launch a federal investigation into several "credible and troubling" reports of alleged police misconduct pertaining to the treatment and arrests of demonstrators, possible "unlawful surveillance of individuals engaged in constitutionally protected activities" and the arrest and mistreatment of members of the press.

    Read more: NYPD Pushes Back Against Calls For Probe Into Police Conduct At Occupy Wall Street Protests | Fox News

    Police Clear Occupy Encampment in San Francisco

    SAN FRANCISCO -- About two dozen police officers remained at the scene early Wednesday morning of the Occupy encampment in San Francisco, hours after authorities kicked out the protesters, took down about 100 tents and arrested 70 people as the camp was dismantled.
    Police lined up to block access on Market Street while trash crews rake up paper and plastic bottles and remove chairs and other belongings that accumulated at the camp over the past two months.

    Read more: Police Clear Occupy Encampment In San Francisco | Fox News
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    Any way you slice it, it was an honest mistake,” said Paul J. Browne, the head police spokesman.

    Best line in the whole story!:thumbs_up:

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    I tried watching that video and it was amazingly pro police, or at least rationally unbiased. I have to get to bed, I'm pooped and as i watched it I felt myself getting more and more pissed off at those phony little shits who, though 'non-violent' are so adept at antagonizing, annoying, poking at and provoking the cops that they KNOW DAMN WELL they'll get a response. It's like that scum in Palastine who will shoot rockets at Israel all day long and then have the gall to get pissed when Israel fires back.

    These whiney shits, who seem to forget or not care that cops are NOT part of the 1%, though the media tries to make us all out to be with showing how much top EARNERS make!

    DAMMIT, I'll never get to sleep now. I'll have to watch the rest at a later date though.

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    First - proof positive the DEMS are behind "Occupy"

    Second - since when does "being a member of the "press"" guarrantee they won't be arrested? They don't have to abide by the same laws as the rest of us?
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    It didn't end in arrest (thisclose), but someone with "News Photographer" license plates found that out the hard way when he kept trying to sneak into a murder scene for a dead body shot several years ago. I told him that whatever special fee he paid for his meaningless plates would be needed for bail money if he didn't GTFO immediately.
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    Occupy SF protesters deciding what to do

    A small band of Occupy SF demonstrators rallied on Thursday evening and was met by police deployed to prevent the establishment of a new camp at Justin Herman Plaza.
    Between 30 and 40 protesters gathered at 6 p.m. in front of the Federal Reserve Bank at 101 Market St. Speakers focused on what to do in the aftermath of the police actions on Wednesd...

    [TD]Read the full story at San Francisco Chronicle

    Union not keen on new Occupy Oakland port blockade

    - that "historic and effective action" that "lives in the hearts of people across Oakland and around the country," according to Occupy Oakland? Well, on Monday, there's to be an encore, not just in Oakland, but up and down the West Coast, "in solidarity with longshoremen, port workers and truckers in their struggle against the 1 percent," says the...

    [TD]Read the full story at San Francisco Chronicle
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    Retired Philly captain arrested at Occupy rally warned

    Associated Press

    PHILADELPHIA - A retired Philadelphia police captain arrested in
    uniform during Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City is
    getting a warning from police and union officials.Philadelphia
    police Commissioner Charles Ramsey has sent a cease and
    desist letter to retired Capt. Raymond Lewis. Ramsey says
    Lewis has every right to prot...

    [TD="align: center"]Read the full story at Police One [/TD]
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    Why would the union get involved on his behalf? If he's not an officer anymore; then, what right does he have to wear the uniform like that?
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    Rose Parade security beefed up as Occupy plans protest

    Authorities are beefing up security for the Tournament of Roses Parade this year but hope a planned Occupy protest will be peaceful and not disrupt the event.
    Pasadena police and Occupy the Rose Parade demonstrators had a meeting of the minds this week, with protesters who plan a post-parade march down Colorado Boulevard promising not to disrupt the main event and police ensuring that the demonstrators would be treated fairly as long as they keep their word.

    In a meeting Wednesday with Police Chief Phillip Sanchez and other department brass, Occupy the Rose Parade organizers agreed not to disrupt official proceedings.

    "We want to make sure this is completely non-disruptive to the main parade," said Occupy the Rose Parade organizer Peter Thottam.

    "We're going to work with [Occupy the Rose Parade] to ensure that the parade goes smoothly and they have the opportunity to have their voice,” said Police Department spokeswoman Lt. Phlunte Riddle.

    On Jan. 2, the Occupy demonstrators plan to display signs near the Norton Simon Museum, across from the main location for television cameras covering the parade, before banding together to carry a 250-foot-long banner representation of the U.S. Constitution from Orange Grove Boulevard to a post-parade rally at Pasadena City Hall.
    Thottam told the Pasadena Sun they also would display "a giant octopus to represent Wall Street's stranglehold on the economy and the political system."

    Rose Parade security beefed up as Occupy plans protest - latimes.com
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    Charlotte Prepping for Occupy Wall Street at DNC

    In John Heilemann's cover story "2012=1968?," he wonders whether Occupy Wall Street protesters will do to Charlotte's Democratic National Convention in the summer of 2012 what demonstrators did to the Chicago DNC in 1968. The North Carolina city, sometimes called the "Wall Street of the South," is not taking any chances, and is already working to pass an ordinance that would make occupying downtown spaces with tents a "public nuisance," in addition to banning "noxious substances," padlocks, and other camping equipment. The fact that it would knock out the city's current overnight demonstrators is an added bonus.

    Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx said dubiously last month that the rule, which could be enacted in January, is not aimed at a specific group. "Unlike many cities that have well-developed regulations governing protest activity, our local regulations contain gaps that need to be filled," he said. But a memo about the ordinance does note, "The recent issues related to camping on city property have further amplified the need to review whether the city wants to regulate this activity during the DNC." A city councilman added of the current Occupy Charlotte faction, "Once those ordinances go into effect, those overnight stays will end."

    Charlotte Prepping for Occupy Wall Street at DNC -- Daily Intel
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    OK, why am I suprised that the Dems are worried about the Occupy Protestors?
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    I read it as the union filing a grievance that he was wearing the uniform. Prob just covering their bases

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    'Occupy' Protesters Seek to Shut Down West Coast Ports


    OAKLAND, Calif. – Anti-Wall Street protesters along the West Coast joined an effort Monday to blockade some of the nation's busiest ports from Anchorage, Alaska, to San Diego, with the thought that if they cut off the ports, they cut into corporate profits.
    Demonstrators were to gather to march on the Port of Oakland, which Occupy protesters successfully shut down in November. Marchers also descended on the sprawling port complex spanning Los Angeles and Long Beach as the work day begins.

    Occupy groups also planned blockades in Seattle and Tacoma, Wash., the Canadian city of Vancouver, British Columbia, and in Portland, Ore.
    The protests being billed as action against "Wall Street on the waterfront" are perhaps the Occupy movement's most dramatic gesture since police raids sent most remaining camps scattering last month. Demonstrators began forming those camps around the country about two months ago to protest what they call corporate greed and economic inequality.
    Kari Koch, organizer with Shut Down the Ports Working Group of Occupy Portland, said by shutting down the port, Wall Street will be unable to create profit.
    "We will not stand for corporate profits at the expense of working people, we will not stand for attacks on workers, and we will not allow our schools to be closed, social services slashed, and families to be impoverished by your greed!" Koch said Monday in statement.
    Organizers hope to draw thousands to stand in solidarity with longshoremen and port truckers they say are being exploited.

    Read more: 'Occupy' Protesters Seek To Shut Down West Coast Ports | Fox News

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    Berkeley's Occupy camp thrives, unthreatened

    It took a few weeks, but Berkeley is finally taking center stage in the Bay Area's Occupy movement.
    The 2-month-old encampment in Civic Center Park - until recently a smattering of tents in the corner - is now a booming megalopolis of tents, banners, dogs and teach-ins.
    It fills most of the park and has become the largest Occupy protest in the Bay...

    [TD]Read the full story at San Francisco Chronicle[/TD]

    Occupy SF: Police clear last camp, arrest 55

    Police cleared San Francisco's last remaining Occupy protest camp early Sunday, arresting 55 people for illegal lodging.
    The encampment, on the sidewalk in front of the Federal Reserve Bank at 101 Market St., was the original Occupy protest site established in early October, but police had cleared it several times.
    The camp sprang up again Thursda...

    [TABLE="width: 100%"]
    [TD]Read the full story at San Francisco Chronicle[/TD]
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    [TABLE="class: esc-layout-table"]
    [TD="class: esc-layout-thumbnail-cell"][​IMG]USA Today

    [TD="class: esc-layout-article-cell"]Recommended: Occupy disrupts West Coast ports; 17 arrested in NYC msnbc.com - ‎1 hour ago‎

    First in breaking news and analysis: Msnbc.com reporters and NBC correspondents bring you compelling stories from across the nation.[/TD]
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    Pretty funny actually, seeing they have so much much affinity to their tents.

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    LMAO!! Awesome!! Here have a TENT!!

    Must be hard to not laugh at them.

    I would have told them the cannisters were laughing gas or something... but that's me.
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    I would think the docks could be a dangerous place. The type of place where someone could get hurt and no one would see what happened. So many things to trip over, fall from, fall into or get hit with the opportu... I mean chances for something to happen are endless.

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