Wall Street Protesters Arrested

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    Streets Reopened After Occupy Los Angeles Protest


    LOS ANGELES – Wall Street protesters declared a minor victory Monday when they defied a midnight deadline to leave their tent city encampment around City Hall and police withdrew after surrounding the camp for six hours without moving in.
    Four people were arrested as police cleared downtown streets to make way for morning rush hour traffic, but police said the event was largely peaceful.
    Police Chief Charlie Beck said it remains unclear when the nearly two-month-old Occupy LA camp would be cleared. About half of the 485 tents had been taken down as of Sunday night, leaving patches of the 1.7-acre (0.7-hectare) park around City Hall barren of grass and strewn with garbage.

    Read more: Streets Reopened After Occupy Los Angeles Protest | Fox News
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    Ya can't have it end too soon for them.
  3. Johnny Law

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    Lots of hand wringing and "what now?" from the people in charge, now that their bluff has been called. Pussies.
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    just like small children...you never make the threat if youre not going to follow through.
  5. mtc

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    The various PD's should work their overtime on the perimeter - and do absolutely nothing till the politicians go out there themselves and tell these losers to leave.

    THEN the PD's should still do nothing but hold a perimeter.
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    Why Do Media Hate the Police?

    An email from Liberty Extra.

    By Cliff Kincaid:
    Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News attacked the police at UC Davis on his Monday night broadcast. He said the demonstrators were just “sitting on a sidewalk peacefully protesting” when they were pepper-sprayed. Inviting members of his viewing audience to take the side of the protesters, he said, “Imagine those are your kids sitting on the sidewalk.” In fact, some of those “kids” were non-student agitators. They were locked arm-in-arm and had refused reasonable and repeated requests to move. They were threatening the educational atmosphere on campus by erecting a tent city that was luring increasing numbers of criminal outsiders. They wanted a confrontation and got it. What’s more, they got it on film, making sure they could portray the police in the worst possible light, without context or background to the confrontation that should have been avoided.
    Doesn’t Brian Williams have the ability to get facts on the ground before going public with sensational and wild allegations against the police?
    Sitting in the comfort of his New York studio, Williams ignored the statement issued by Linda P.B. Katehi, the Chancellor of UC Davis, when she noted that “…on Thursday a group of protesters including UC Davis students and other non-UC Davis affiliated individuals established an encampment of about 25 tents on the Quad.” Notice the reference to “non-UC Davis affiliated individuals,” including outside agitators.
    Katehi said, “The group was reminded that while the university provides an environment for students to participate in rallies and express their concerns and frustrations through different forums, university policy does not allow such encampments on university grounds.”
    So the radicals were there in violation of university policy, interfering with the rights of others. The head of a college or university clearly had a responsibility to act under those circumstances.
    The chancellor went on: “On Thursday, the group stayed overnight despite repeated reminders by university staff that their encampment violated university policies and they were requested to disperse. On Friday morning, the protestors were provided with a letter explaining university policies and reminding them of the opportunities the university provides for expression. Driven by our concern for the safety and health of the students involved in the protest, as well as other students on our campus, I made the decision not to allow encampments on the Quad during the weekend, when the general campus facilities are locked and the university staff is not widely available to provide support.”
    So the chancellor wanted to keep the campus safe on the weekend, for the benefit of the real students who were there. Was she expected to let more and more outsiders assemble on campus, to the detriment of the students paying to get an education?
    She continued, “During the early afternoon hours and because of the request to take down the tents, many students decided to dismantle their tents, a decision for which we are very thankful. However, a group of students and non-campus affiliates decided to stay. The university police then came to dismantle the encampment. The events of this intervention have been videotaped and widely distributed. As indicated in various videos, the police used pepper spray against the students who were blocking the way.”
    Clearly, Brian Williams of NBC News misled his viewers about what these “kids” really did. They flouted the law, interfering with the rights of others.
    Veteran FBI agent Rick Hahn said he had a response to Williams’ request for parents to judge the “students.” He said, “I want my child to obey the law. Therefore, if my child is ordered by police to clear an area, I expect my child to respect that and obey the law. If my child does not obey the law, then, I expect my child to be arrested. Why? Because my child did not obey the law. And if my child resists arrest, I expect the police to forcibly affect the arrest. Why? Because that is their duty.”
    In order to make the point that the police were somehow going beyond their lawful duty and authority, Brian Williams said they were “methodically spraying students with debilitating law enforcement-grade thick pepper spray that’s meant to cover like spray paint.” Notice the use of the inflammatory language designed to incite public sentiment against the police, who were being encircled by the demonstrators as they tried to move the offenders.
    As Rick Hahn points out, the use of pepper spray was designed to reduce problems caused by the physical relocation of the protesters. He says, “If the police choose to forcibly effect the arrest not by merely physically engaging my child, an action that could lead to serious injury to both my child and the police officers involved, but rather by taking another step to diminish the physical ability of my child to resist arrest, say by dispersing pepper spray or tear gas, I accept that. After all, my child has broken the law by refusing to comply with a police order and has escalated the situation by resisting arrest. Is it therefore reasonable to hope that rather than engaging my child in physical combat, wrestling, punching or worse using billy clubs or truncheons, that the police disperse a chemical to make my child less resistant and, hence, less likely to be injured? My answer is yes, by all means it is reasonable.”
    Hahn, a veteran of the FBI’s battles against domestic terrorists and communists, added, “Perhaps Brian Williams and much of his audience are too young to remember the beatings by fisticuffs and billy clubs that marked the various confrontations between police and demonstrators in the 1960s, but I remember well. Heads were beaten, arms were broken, and people were kicked, bitten and bloodied in physical contests of arrest and resist between police and demonstrators. It was ugly, and I’m sure that many of the demonstrators and police still carry the damage from those wounds to this day.”
    Some of those confrontations were engineered by members of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), whose leaders had been to Cuba to learn tactics of confrontation and even guerrilla warfare. It is time to examine who and what is behind the “Occupy” movement and why billionaire George Soros is financing it.
    By attacking the police for their rational and reasonable response to unlawful protests, media coverage of the kind demonstrated by Brian Williams makes it almost certain that there will be more escalation. Chancellor Katehi is already on the defensive, apparently thinking that pandering to the protesters will save her job.
    The situation is dire: the campus police chief and two police officers were put on administrative leave, Chancellor Katehi was shouted down at a demonstration while trying to apologize, and the radicals have erected their tents again. The mobs are taking over UC Davis.
    The losers will include real students there for a real education, unless they organize quickly to safeguard their rights. Katehi should take a strong stand in favor of law and order on campus, support the police and quickly reinstate the chief and the officers unfairly and hastily put on leave. That is the only way to restore public confidence in her running of the university.
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    [TABLE="class: esc-layout-table"]
    [TD="class: esc-layout-thumbnail-cell"]USA Today

    [TD="class: esc-layout-article-cell"]Occupy LA takes eviction fight to court CBS News - ‎2 hours ago‎

    Los Angeles Police officers order anti-Wall Street protesters off the street at the Occupy LA camp in Los Angeles on Nov. 28, 2011.[/TD]
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    Tea Party Alleges Double Standard by Occupy-Friendly Mayor in Virginia

    • [​IMG]
      Richmond Tea Partiers are claiming a double standard between their group and their group and Occupy Richmond, seen in screengrabs of their websites.
    A Tea Party chapter in Virginia is alleging that it was audited by the City of Richmond after it complained that the local Occupy movement was receiving special treatment by the mayor.
    The Richmond Tea Party said the city charged it $10,000 to hold three rallies in Kanawha Plaza -- where Occupiers have been allowed to reside at no charge.
    Now the Tea Partiers are crying foul and demanding their money back. But shortly after complaining to the city, the Tea Party group said it received notice of the tax audit.

    Read more: Tea Party Alleges Double Standard By Occupy-Friendly Mayor In Virginia | Fox News
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    Police in LA, Philly raid Occupy camps

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police in Los Angeles and Philadelphia stormed Occupy Wall Street encampments under darkness Wednesday to arrest or drive out some of the longest-lasting protesters since crackdowns ended similar occupations across the country.
    Dozens of officers in riot gear flooded down the steps of Los Angeles City Hall just after midnight and started dismantling the two-month-old camp two days after a deadline passed for campers to leave the park. Officers in helmets and wielding batons and guns with rubber bullets converged on the park from all directions with military precision and began making arrests after several orders were given to leave.
    The raid in Los Angeles came after demonstrators with the movement in Philadelphia marched through the streets after being evicted from their site. About 40 protesters were arrested after refusing to clear a street several blocks northeast of City Hall, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey. They were lined up in cuffs and loaded on to buses by officers. Six others were arrested earlier after remaining on a street police that police tried to clear.

    Police in LA, Philly raid Occupy camps - Yahoo! News
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    K - "LACopper" anytime you wanna check in and let us know you're good.... would be good....
  12. justanotherparatrooper

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    cant wait to see Lacopper the next time he's out here ......good stories
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    One of the LA arrests.......

  14. LA Copper

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    Hi M,

    I appreciate you kind words, very nice of you.

    I just got home after a 16 hour night. I must say and pardon me if I'm a bit bias but I think we did a pretty darn good job last night. The plan put together to take care of these guys worked very well. We outnumbered them by at least 2 to 1.

    I had fun leading a mobile field force of 30 officers and 3 sergeants around the affected area. It was a good time had by all...... including the hippies. Not to mention the 16 hours of overtime!
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    [TABLE="class: esc-layout-table"]
    [TD="class: esc-layout-thumbnail-cell"]CBC.ca

    [TD="class: esc-layout-article-cell"]LAPD too violent, some Occupy LA protesters allege [Updated] Los Angeles Times - ‎45 minutes ago‎

    Los Angeles police are being praised for their planning, outreach and judicious use of force in ousting the Occupy LA encampment Wednesday morning, but a few protesters are reporting more physical confrontations with some of the 1400 officers. [/TD]
    Bunch of whiny piss ass protesters. Do as you are told and no problems.
  16. Delta784

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    Whatever happened to that dork who promised on the Youtube video to arrest every member of the Oakland PD?
  17. HistoryHound

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    He got locked in his mom's basement and can't figure out how to get out.
  18. OfficerObie59

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    I replied to that post noting that it was the "same clear goal as all the other Occupy protests". Apparently, the page admin's sarcasm meter is busted because he "Liked" the post.

    Emphasis on "clear goal".

    ---------- Post added at 21:39 ---------- Previous post was at 21:37 ----------

    He's probably got his own legal issues to sort out first.
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    He likes me LOL

    Occupy Brockton
    Have you been to an active occupation? ie: Occupy Boston, Occupy Wall Street, etc. if so let us know what you saw and your reaction to your visit.

    Like · · Share · Sunday at 12:32am via mobile ·
      • [​IMG]

        Kyle Thurman I spent 2 days at #Occupy Boston. I felt very intimidated by the police. They arrested two of my friends but they got the charges dropped because it's a state law that a cop has to be wearing his hat when he arrests you.Sunday at 5:54am · Like · [​IMG] 2
      • [​IMG]Harold Pike Pigs live in a sty and Occupy Boston is a sty full of unwashed pigs.Sunday at 4:43pm · Like · [​IMG] 1
      • [​IMG]

        Patrick Burtt-Henderson That hat law is bull, i have arrested many people without a hat on.Monday at 9:55am · Like · [​IMG] 2
      • [​IMG]

        Occupy Brockton Very articulate Harold, with your conversational skills I can see how you have 4000+ facebook friends. You know each and every friend personaly I'm sure. I look forward to further gems of wisdom from the mind of so popular a man.
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    After tent cities fade, Occupy turns to specifics

    NEW YORK (AP) — For more than two months, they were open-air communes where people came to rebuild society and start a nationwide discussion on how to close the wide gap between the rich and the poor. But as Occupy Wall Street tent cities fade away, a growing number of protesters are pushing to put a clear message ahead of the movement.
    Alan Collinge has his list ready — return bankruptcy protection to student loans. Bring back regulations that were removed from the Glass-Steagall Act. End corporate personhood.
    "They should come up with a short term list of no brainer agenda items," said Collinge, wearing a huge sign in the rain at New York's Zuccotti Park calling for student loan reforms.
    More than a dozen other protesters interviewed by The Associated Press also came up with a wish list of specifics to address what they say is corporate greed and economic inequality. The list of demands ranged from the simple — get corporate money out of politics — to the ethereal (make sure Washington politicians act with a moral conscience).

    After tent cities fade, Occupy turns to specifics - Yahoo! News
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    Adam Corolla talks about OWS protesters, and tells it like it is.

    Caution NSFW. My favorite new term is now "assdouchery".

  22. 5-0

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    Oh man. I'm fired up meow. Lol

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    Carolla should run for office...

    "Peon 27, I don't like your fuckin' attitude, I'm not hiring you ya assdouch."

    He's so right about the entitled idiots out there... No more praise for working your ass off to get what you want, and the "everyone is a winner" mentality.
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    You shouldn't upset Mother.....

    View attachment 3397
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    Pizza Brutality: Police Devour Protesters’ Pies

    First there was pepper spray. Then came the batons. But on Thursday night, bad relations between the police and protesters entered a new dimension. While arrested demonstrators sat in their cells at a Lower East side station house, the police, protesters say, stole their pizza and drank all their soda pop.
    “NYPD Sadistically Eats Pizzas Meant for World AIDS Day Occupy Wall St. Protesters,” read the headline on the protesters’ news release about the episode.
    The police concede that they ate the pizza, but said they thought the pies were intended for them.
    “Any way you slice it, it was an honest mistake,” said Paul J. Browne, the head police spokesman.

    Pizza Brutality: Police Devour Protesters' Pies - NYTimes.com

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