Vt. Trooper Killed Trying to StopDriver

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    06/16/2003 08:40:07 EST

    Vt. Trooper Killed Trying to StopDriver

    A driver who had fled after he was pulled over for speeding struck and
    killed a veteran
    trooper who was trying to stop his car, authorities said.

    State Police Sgt. Michael Johnson, 39, had placed spike strips on
    Interstate 91 in Norwich
    on Sunday to stop motorist Eric Daley, 23, police said. Daley swerved
    to miss the spikes,
    struck Johnson as he tried to take cover, then got out of his car and
    fled into a wooded
    area, police said. A search for the suspect continued Monday.

    Johnson died Sunday at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon,

    "Sergeant Michael Johnson of the Vermont State Police today made the
    ultimate sacrifice and
    gave his life in the line of duty," said Gov. James Douglas. It was
    the first death of a
    Vermont trooper in the line of duty in more than 10 years.

    Daley, driving a 1991 Nissan NX Coupe, had been stopped for speeding
    by another trooper
    about 3:45 p.m. State police said he fled south about five miles until
    he came to the spikes
    Johnson had placed on the highway to puncture his tires.
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    They Caught the guy responsible for this crime.

    Suspect in State Trooper's Death Caught
    Associated Press Writer

    A man suspected of hitting and killing a state trooper with his car
    while fleeing police was
    captured Tuesday on the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania.

    Eric Daley, 23, was arraigned in Pennsylvania Tuesday night on
    fugitive from justice
    charges. He was ordered jailed without bail.

    The search for Daley began Sunday after he was stopped for speeding,
    Vermont State Police
    said. A trooper suspected there might be drugs in the car, but Daley
    allegedly refused his
    request to search it.

    While the trooper conferred with other officers about seeking a search
    warrant, Daley
    allegedly drove off. During the police chase, trooper Michael Johnson
    set up spikes on the
    road to stop him. The car swerved to avoid the spikes and smashed into
    Johnson, police said.

    Daley was taken to a trailhead in Slateford, Pa., by someone Vermont
    police described as an
    associate. Vermont authorities said police in New Hampshire and
    Massachusetts helped them
    find Daley, who is from Lebanon, N.H.

    A search of the wrecked car Daley had been driving Sunday turned up
    two pounds of marijuana
    and white powder that tested positive preliminarily as cocaine.
    Suspected LSD also was
    found, along with $475 in cash, state police said.

    Daley is wanted in Vermont on charges of gross negligent operation
    with death resulting,
    leaving the scene of a fatal accident and attempting to elude police.

    He already was facing two felony drug charges in New Hampshire from
    March 2003. He's accused
    of marijuana, cocaine and hashish possession.
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    GOOD. Now let VSP have a few hours alone in the mountains with the bastard, then let him FRY!!!!

    -Mike :(
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    I attended NCO school with Sgt. Johnson. He was a class act and a great guy. Nice showing by commonwealth of mass. police depts. Some officers came from as far away a Minn. and GA. RCMP was there too. rhl :(

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