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Discussion in 'Municipal Police' started by Pepin_55, May 11, 2017.

  1. Pepin_55

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    any towns have truck teams in Massachusetts? And how would you go about getting on a truck team. Also can you as a part time officer?
  2. felony

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    By "Truck Team" I assume you mean Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE). There are several towns near me that have officers specialized in that area. To answer your question, NO. Part time officers in almost every department I have encountered, only use them to fill shifts for full timers to take vacation time or fill dispatch shifts etc. Specialized training/positions is for full time officers.
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  4. woodyd

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    Off the top of my head, Boston, Watertown and Newton have them. There are others.
    Boston CVE falls under Special Operations, and is very hard to get on to. They park the van at E5. Boston doesn't have PT officers.
    Watertown, they have a guy from the day shift with CVE training and a truck with CVE equipment. I don't think it's a full time assignment, just a special assignment he does incidental to his patrol duties. Watertown also doesn't have PT Officers.
    I don't know much about the Newton CVE unit, but I'm sure it's FT only and they don't have the auxiliary guys stopping trucks.
    Of course MSP has the biggest CVE unit in MA. But of course it's full time only, no part time Troopers.
  5. Bloodhound

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    That's debatable. Zing! I kid, I kid.
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    Have to go further up the food chain... :p
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    I did that for awhile (MCSAP) here. I also got certified to weigh commercial vehicles with portable scales. It got to the point where we would have to have an extra guy just to watch the trucks going by because some of these "professional" drivers would toss the odd wrench, pliers, etc. at us. If it came too close there would be trouble. If it happened at the end of the detail and we still had enough gumpshun left in us, that driver and his rig went with us. They were shocked to learn assault on officers was a felony.
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    Know people suck but whipping hand tools at officers ?

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