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    Job Opportunities with the City of Troy, NY

    Below you will find postions available and exam announcements for employment with the City, the Troy Housing Authority, and the Troy School District. Most of the positions with the City of Troy require applicants to take a Civil Service exam. Some positions do not require an examination, or will be filled provisionally, i.e. pending the outcome of the next scheduled examination for that title.

    The application form is used for both employment and exams. Please feel free to print the form, complete it, and mail it to the Personnel Office (original signatures only - no copies).

    A basic Civil Service practice exam is available online to those with an Upper Hudson library card, or an affiliated library. To access Learn-A-Test online, visit the Upper Hudson Database web site and choose "Learn-A-Test."

    The City of Troy is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer. Hiring and promotion decisions in the City service are based solely upon qualifications and ability, and the City does not discriminate on any other basis. Minorities are encouraged to apply.

    If you wish to contact the Personnel Office, please call (518) 270-4482 or the Civil Service office at (518) 270-4612. You may send a fax to (518) 270-4486 for either office. Our mailing address is as follows: City of Troy Personnel Office - 1 Monument Square Troy, NY 12180. You may also use our contact us form to submit an email.
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