Thin Blue Line stickers and plates.

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Do you have the Thin Blue Line sticker or plate and are you PO or not.

  1. Police officer with sticker only

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  2. Police officer with plate only

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  3. Police officer with both

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  4. Not a PO with sticker only

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  5. Not a PO with plate only

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  6. Not a PO with both

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  1. Muggsy09

    Muggsy09 MassCops Member

    I would like to know how many folks have the Thin Blue Line plates or stickers on their vehicles and whether or not you are a Police Officer.
  2. Officer Dunngeon

    Officer Dunngeon Out of the Loop

    How about if you're a police officer with neither or not a PO with neither?
  3. SRRerg

    SRRerg MassCops Member

    PO w/no blue line products (Do have SPAM sticker on vehicle). Also, I try not to let a sticker influence whether or not to stop a car, unless of course it is an expired/altered inspection or reg sticker... Which brings me to my next point.....

    I see a lot of these blue line plates on the front of LEO POV's and cruisers with red plates. :oops: A defense attorney can punch a real hole in your reason for stopping a vehicle for 90/6 violations. The "hypocrite" defense.
  4. capefiveo

    capefiveo MassCops Member

    It seems to me that the one's at my job who like to advertise to the world that their a cop(e.g. thin blue line plates/stickers, several years of MPA stickers that adorn their veh) are the same one's who are nowhere to be found when it comes time to put their money where their mouth is. No offense to the one's who earn their 40+ each week and have the above mentioned on their veh.
  5. mopar6972

    mopar6972 Subscribing Member

    The only sticker on my car is my New England Patriots "flying Elvis".. id rather not advertise my chose profession to the rest of the world... :D
  6. Mortal knight

    Mortal knight Subscribing Member

    My 2cents on stickers:

    My odds of being pulled over and needing (or wanting) a break 1/1000000

    My odds living in my city and having some puke smash my window, because i'm a cop 100000/1

    But then again If I wanted a glorifying job that gives pats on the back from Joe Public, I'll go put out fires.
  7. quality617

    quality617 Subscribing Member

    Stickers and plates have all turned to crap. Too many civilians spoiled this stew. If I pull a car over with all that garbage on it, I wait untill I see credentials before I even consider extending any courtesey.

    Come by our headquarters, I defy you to find 3 civilian employee POV's that DON'T have our shoulder patch in the dash, or a shoulder patch sticker in the rear window, or even the old parking permits (that were supposed to be turned in) with the agency name in bold letters. Strategically placed for maximum visibility, for all the world to see.


    I put nothing on my car. I haven't been pulled over since '82, and I don't plan on ending that streak anytime soon. :sh:
  8. Macop

    Macop Subscribing Member

    All that stuf is nice if you have a Police Id to show me when I stop you. Also some people like some nozzle heads I knowhave figured out that in order to get a thin blue line plate, all you need is a black plate and blue tape. I over heard one of the fireghters bragg about how he did that and it does look lke the real thing.
  9. Guinness2429

    Guinness2429 Guest

    No police/le stcikers of any kind on any of my vehicles. I give all those sorts of things to my son who puts them on his Little Tikes cars. I don't need or want to advertise, so I don't.

  10. texdep

    texdep Subscribing Member

    Don't believe in stickers or special plates myself with one exception which I thought was good when I was in Texas.

    The Texas DMV issued a specialized passenger vehicle plate which had a Yellow Rose, the words Police officer and personlized number. The kicker is that the Plate was issued ONLY to the spouse of an officer killed in the line of duty and the registration fee was waived.
  11. Christopher

    Christopher MassCops Member

    That's enough to piss off the good humor man! :BM:
  12. Code96

    Code96 Guest

    We don't need no stinking stickers!

    New to the board. :D

    PO with no blue line stickers or FOP stickers. :twisted:

    I have bullet hole stickers like these:

    I actually got pulled over one time just because I had those on the rear of the car and the car (35 in a 30 was his "official" reason). The PO pulling me over got a good chuckle and so did I when I saw him reaching out to touch them as he approached.

    I don't like to advertise who I am when I am not at work.

    Peace and be safe.
  13. Guinness2429

    Guinness2429 Guest


    I am sure that the folks selling those plates and stickers on e-bay are closely scrutinizing each and every purchaser to make certain they are le. Just another reason not to let any stickers, plates, logos, medallions, business cards, etc. influence your enforcement decision.

  14. Elusk4

    Elusk4 MassCops Member

    It seems as though everybody has the same opinion about these plates and stickers. I myself do not have the either on my car. Why advertise what you do since most people don't like you. The last thing I need is a smashed window when I come out of a bar some night in boston. I carry an ID just incase I do need to prove myself. As far as the e-bay sales. I once stopped a kid with the blue line plate and asked where he got it. His responce "e-bay". originally the idea was a good one started down south by the thin blue line company, now its useless. And how about the car I saw once with an MD plate with the MPA stickers covering the back window? Cop or Doc?
  15. Foxracingmtnridr

    Foxracingmtnridr Subscribing Member

    Commie bastard :p

    (inside Joke)

    Scott [​IMG]
  16. Foxracingmtnridr

    Foxracingmtnridr Subscribing Member

    I saw a guy in Malden at the sunoco station on the corner of 99 and salem st. and he was in a blue CVPI with the blue line plate he was a cabbie or something because he was far and i mean far from being a LEO maybe a Taliban PO but not an LEO from around here. I asked one of the guys on E-Bay one time about the Blue Line plate he was selling and he wouldn't sell it to anyone who didn't send him a pic of their ID.

    Scott :pc:
  17. Christopher

    Christopher MassCops Member

    Those are going to be the next ebay special!
  18. mpd61

    mpd61 Federal Auxiliary Police

    The MPA sticker on my wife's car has led to her getting a much reduced $ local tow and one friendly warning from West Bridgewater P.D. for about ten over one evening coming back from the the ER.

    AAA membership now, but I'm still happy to put a sticker on her car. Maybe someday somebody will go out of their way to smash a window,
    but my comprehensive will cover it so whatever.....
  19. 40th MPOC#309

    40th MPOC#309 Subscribing Member

    :arrow: What's up with the people that have the blue line plate & decals that still give you a nasty look when you're stopping them at a roadjob....Had two of 'em today. Conversely, the s*%! bags who drive by you and smile or nod at you..... :eek:
  20. bbelichick

    bbelichick Moderator Staff Member

    You have to take the DEA Pipeline course. If the sh*theads are doing that, it's called the "Felony Wave." Other favorites include the "Felony Forest". :lol:
  21. Bluelite75

    Bluelite75 MassCops Member

    I just keep my MPA sticker current.
  22. Christopher

    Christopher MassCops Member

    No kidding huh?! The same thing happened to me the other day while on a detail...only I didn't have to stop the flow of traffic. I saw the plate and figured I would be polite and wave...the operator waved back, but she didn't appear to be using all of her fingers :up_yours:
  23. 40th MPOC#309

    40th MPOC#309 Subscribing Member

    Hey Christopher-do these chowderheads know what the plate/sticker signifies??? I don't have either-I feel they are getting too easy to come by and are becoming meaningless. Like my MPA sticker on Mrs. 40th's Durango is any better!!!!!!!!!!!!! :oops:
  24. Christopher

    Christopher MassCops Member

    I'm sure they don't know...probably just trying to keep themselves from getting pulled over. Are Boston's PD association stickers as wide spread as the rest of them?
  25. 40th MPOC#309

    40th MPOC#309 Subscribing Member

    I've only seen a few of 'em down my way. Seem to be retirees. I give the old folks special treatment. Me & MPD 61 aren't too far away, right Scott? :oops:
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