Springfield fighting gangs with Green Beret tactics

Discussion in 'New England' started by cc3915, May 1, 2012.

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    SPRINGFIELDAt first glance, the Brightwood neighborhood in this central New England city would seem to have little in common with war-torn villages in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    But when two Massachusetts state troopers, Michael Cutone and Thomas Sarrouf, returned to their jobs here after deployments with a Green Beret unit in Iraq, they noticed troubling parallels.

    Like the residents of Avghani, the small northern Iraqi town where the two had helped establish and train a local police force to combat insurgents, many families in Brightwood, a low-income, largely Puerto Rican neighborhood in the North End, lived in fear.

    Gang members and drug dealers cruised the streets on motor scooters carrying SKS semiautomatic rifles in broad daylight. Gunfire erupted almost daily.

    Perhaps the only sentiments that ran higher than the residents' fears were their apathy and distrust of the police, who swooped in to make arrests but did little to involve themselves in the community.

    Before their deployments, Cutone and Sarrouf might have been similarly distant. But their experience overseas changed their perspective, convincing them it was futile to fight a war without gaining the trust and support of those most affected by it.

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    How about they use different Green Beret tactics, sneak into their homes at night, and garrotte them in their sleep?
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    I would prefer the techniques of Gen Curtis LeMay
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    The SPD and SP Springfield barracks have some of the highest call volumes in the entire northeast. You'd think that local politicians, community leaders, and LE commanders would've come up with this model, not field troopers.
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    Meh, was hoping the meant using JDAMs

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  7. justanotherparatrooper

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    No longer Sine because now there is a young boot assigned there to kick ass :D
    ......numbers are expected to plunge once the evil doers become aware of his presence
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    I'm guessing his picture his hanging up in that hallway
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  10. Deuce

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    Policing and COIN ops, same kinda thing but different. Hearts and minds of the local indigenous population, sure. By, with and through, ok.. But unfortunately as of yet, cops can't grab a SOFLAM and call in air strikes or request indirect fires.. Fingers crossed though...
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    Dumbass reporter...a green beret is an article of clothing...a SF soldier is the person who wears it...that always grinds my gears, as my uncle was in 7th SFG and taught me that at a very young age...
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    Call in STOP, VFAS, and SPDU to fill up the few meat wagons during round-ups is good enough for me. I know few hard pipe-hittin' !@#$'s that could go to town on them with some pliers and a blow torch...driving black Suburbans, too.

    Both Mike and Tom top shelf soldiers/troopers.



    Don't matter none no how. Anybody can buy one at the PX. However, since everybody seems to be "Special Ops", being a Green Beret distinguishes them from all of those non-SF types who are "assigned" to SF units.

    I read about it online somewhere. But it's still better to be a cook.
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    The SPD and MSP have been working hard to suppress the street crimes in the city ; however the community has been fighting them tooth and nail. The police commissioner organizes community meetings and at these meeting the residents demand extra patrols in their neighborhoods but when these patrols start yielding arrests of the relatives and friends of these same residents the police get accused of heavy handed tactics. Then Talbert Swann of the Springfield NAACP swoops in and conducts race-baiting that would make Al Sharpton proud.

    This should be expected in a city where the Mayor (Dom Sarno) gave favoritism to a family friend who opened up a restaurant on Worthington Street called Adolfos. The place is named after the owner's late father Aldofo Bruno... The same Al Bruno who ran organized crime in Springfield for the Genovese crime family and terrorized people for 30 years until he was shot and killed himself.
  14. justanotherparatrooper

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    ......or a gas station attendent,eh! :D
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  15. SinePari

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    Oh trust me, "A" for effort by all of the officers involved. There's certainly not a police solution to unclog that toilet IMHO
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    If we sent Roger in, problem SOLVED.

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    I would even get the grave diggers in on it.

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    Just like all those idiot reporters calling still calling DEVGRU "SEAL Team 6" when in fact, it hasn't been called that in decades. In fact, I've heard DEVGRU has been renamed something else, which, of course, is classified.
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    I believe a video game manufacturer copyrighted "SEAL Team 6".
  20. GARDA

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    Yup, and Obama just tried to change their name again on the anniversary of Osama's death to: "CRC" = Committee for the Re-Election of the President. :eek:
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    Field troopers are the one's that know what's going on, and what they're doing. These guys are trained to train - kudos to them for coming up with a viable solution that at the very least - isn't making the situation worse!

    The problems with high crime can't be helped by gutless politicians with no clue in how to approach, fix, or handle it.

    The mere fact that there's community involvement now, people calling police before bloodshed.. is proof it's improving the situation.

    It's really too bad the "reporter" didn't ask Mr DeJesus, 35yoa, what he does for a living. :rolleyes:
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  23. HuskyH-2

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    Not in the North End. The citizens have embraced it and the State Rep & the MSP brass are way on board. It is a partnership with the citizens, MSP and the SPD assigned to the area headed by Dep Chief John Barbieri. I have never seen such support for any program by any command staff as I have for this initiative. I give them credit for being so progressive and open to something not in the normal framework of what we do.

    The big noise right now is the other sections of the city demanding the program.
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    WHOA!! I think I just saw a ghost!

    Where have you been hiding?

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