Shots Fired: Manhunt Along 99, Grenada Highlands as Police Search for Robbery Suspects

Discussion in 'New England' started by cc3915, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. frapmpd24

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    As previously said, strong work by all involved. To say that, in making the wrong choice (again!) and meeting his maker that Ekasala has saved us the cost of a housing his dumb ass in prison, almost seems inappropriate, because the courthouse records demonstrate that he would probably be out on the streets to keep up his MO of armed robberies in short order anyway.

    Typical Massachusetts liberal judges, even refusing to send and keep a blatant danger and menace to society behind bars. Just by the three courthouse records posted, he should be serving about 30 - 40 years, on the conservative side.

    Fortunately this ended positively for the officers involved, but even after the fallout from Domenic Cinelli's release and subsequent robbery and killing, this Ekasala lowlife was summarily released back on the streets after Class-B and A&B PO charges in March 2011, without a second thought that someone with a propensity for armed robberies and stabbings going back to when he was 19 years old, is just going to keep up the same BS?

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  2. Nuke_TRT

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    Those were just the first three, he had a few pages.
  3. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    We can NEVER do ANYTHING right in the eyes of the public.

    Damned if we do, damned if we don't.
  4. cc3915

    cc3915 Masscops Angel Staff Member

    Residents Without Wheels During Ballistic Processing

    BOSTON -- A handful of Malden residents are seeking alternative modes of transportation, days after a police shootout in their neighborhood.
    It was Friday when Saugus police received 911 calls just before 5 p.m. reporting an armed bank robbery in progress at the Saugusbank on Lynn Fells Parkway.A car chase that ensued led police to Malden, where there was a shootout near the Benjamin Moore store on Broadway.Witnesses said they heard 30 to 40 rounds fired during the shootout.
  5. cc3915

    cc3915 Masscops Angel Staff Member

    Fuck you David Austin. What a shitbird.
  6. JMody

    JMody Special...

    Next time we'll let the prick go. Maybe next time, he shoots some witnesses in the bank. Cops are still the bad guys tho right? Commie fuck.
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  7. 263FPD

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    Take the "T"

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  8. Delta784

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    If he got carjacked, he'd be screaming "Where were the police??"

    Fuck the public....90% of them suck.
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  9. CJIS

    CJIS MassCops Member

    Typical selfish prick. He could care less that people could have got hurt. Oh no to him his precious car got damaged and now the world will come to an end if it is not fixed.

    David I have news for you. Insurance companies exist for a reason Dickhead and this is one of those reasons.
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  10. mtc

    mtc High Priestess Staff Member

    CJIS - you assume his rollo-condo was insured !
  11. 263FPD

    263FPD Administrator Staff Member

    Oh come on, people!!!!

    He saved and saved to buy his car. ;)

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  12. CJIS

    CJIS MassCops Member

    I hope it is not insured. Then when he goes after the Police dept\Towns Insurance company I hope they tell him to go pound sand. Then if he trys to sue; I hope the court tells him to go suck an egg.
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  13. 263FPD

    263FPD Administrator Staff Member

    It's Massachusetts. The court will award him a top is the line BMW.

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  14. Respect26

    Respect26 New Member

    Hey HistoryHound...Looks like it took about two days. I'm not going to sit here and say Billy was a model citizen or just made mistakes, but you didn't know him, what he had gone through throughout his life or anything except for what you are reading. I don't expect anyone to say what a great guy but how about losing the ignorance and realizing that this was someone's son, brother, uncle, father or friend...people are hurting, have some respect.
  15. justanotherparatrooper

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    I had to let this one through guys...fresh meat :D
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  16. justanotherparatrooper

    justanotherparatrooper Pissin' in liberals cheerio's for 40 years :) Staff Member

    Nope , I'll go with absolute douchebag and waste of oxygen....If the prick had been given a real sentence the first time he fucked up alot of other people wouldve been spared pain.
  17. JMody

    JMody Special...

    WHAT THE FUCK???? No one here needs to know Billy you fucking meat stick. Billy robbed a bank among other "mistakes" and then decided to throw some rounds at a cop after attempting to car jack someone else. Billy got a lot less than he deserved. He should have gotten several mags instead of the couple of rounds that he ended up with..... Go find somewhere else to play. You will not find any respect or sympathy here.
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  18. cc3915

    cc3915 Masscops Angel Staff Member

    You've got some nerve coming on a law enforcement site pleading for respect for that shitbag Ekasala.He robbed a bank, carjacked vehicles and shot at police officers and you think we should show respect? He dug his own grave and now has to rot in it.

    As far as his family goes, maybe they should stay off the internet for awhile if they don't like what they're reading.
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  19. mtc

    mtc High Priestess Staff Member

    Why oh WHY do they always come in here, with "RESPECT" in their screennames, as if they've EVER shown ANY in their entire lives??

    "Billy" was robbing banks when he was 18yrs old. WTF ?? Nothing was "did" to him, he "did" to others.

    SO many other "20somethings" do so much with their lives... but they don't go robbing people and such...

    Oh wait - he was trying to kill police officers wasn't he.... REAL fucking HERO you probably think he is.... too bad he's rather TOASTY about now huh?
  20. 263FPD

    263FPD Administrator Staff Member


    Look at the bright side, Billy isn't going to make anymore mistakes. He is all done with making wrong choices in life. He finally isn't being a burden on the taxpayers and law abiding citizens of the Commonwealth.

    While I understand that there are people out there who loved Billy, I am also very greatful that families of my brothers and sisters, aren't in a process of attending funerals.

    Billy made a choice and unfortunately for Billy, that was a wrong, and also the last choice he will ever make. Now save yourself a lot of agrevation and just delete your account, because no one here really gives a shit about you and Billy.

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  21. HistoryHound

    HistoryHound Supporting Member

    You know I really should "like" your post because I've been a little off my game lately and you have enlightened me and given me the opportunity to do what I do best. So here goes:

    You're right I didn't know billy (lower case for a reason). Since I am not a cop, I haven't had to spend any time with felons or dirtballs since I got out of school. Your friend was a lowlife thug, but I'm sure he was just turning his life around.

    It's interesting that you bring up that he had friends and family, that will miss him. You see you came here, we didn't come to you. This means that you and the rest of his friends and family are Googling the kid and reading everything about him to make yourselves feel better. Well guess what? This is not the place for that. No one and I sincerely mean NO ONE here cares about him. He has been a pimple on the ass of society for a long time and if he were still here he would continue to be one.

    You are the ignorant one. You come looking for sympathy and respect on a site called MassCops. You don't have to be a member of Mensa to figure out that we are pro police and honest hard working people and anti-dirt bag.

    Let's get back to the family thing, because this is my favorite part of your post. The people that billy and his friends terrorized that day are people's mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandparents. Guaranteed your pal and his buddies upset far more people than my "ignorant" post did. My mother was in a bank when it was robbed at gunpoint. My mother-in-law worked at a bank and was robbed at gunpoint on more than one occasion. You know what? I care more about how those experiences made them feel and the people who your friend robbed feel than I care about what your friend's family feels. But not only did this asshat and his buddies rob a bank, oh no that wasn't enough for them. They car jacked people and put guns to people's heads. Gee I wonder if those people have families who love them. Then just to prove how much of a douchebag he and his pals were they shot at the police. Anyone who is willing to shoot at a cop knowing that the cop will shoot back is a complete menace to honest society.

    Now while all this was going on your good old pal billy and his idiot accomplices put people's lives in danger. My kids travel those roads that they were flying down like assholes and shooting at cops on. Heck, I had to travel that same stretch of Rt 1 right after this happened. Your friend could have killed someone that I love and care about. I have family members that are cops. I have friends that are cops. My kids have friends who's parents are cops and some of them were most likely there the other day. So when I see that your pal is the only one who isn't going home again, I'm not bothered in the slightest. As long as all the good guys and innocent bystanders got to go home to their families, I'm good with the way it ended.

    To be perfectly honest and with all due respect and I really do mean with all due respect, I don't give a flying f**k what you think about me or my posts. You, your pal billy and his family can all go shit in a hat for all I care. Oh wait, no he can't.

    You want to come in here and demand respect for a lowlife pos that obviously didn't care about the people he hurt, well this is the respect that you and your pal deserve.

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  22. cc3915

    cc3915 Masscops Angel Staff Member

    MassCops Gold there HH. Bravo!!
  23. Johnny Law

    Johnny Law Nemo me impune lacessit Staff Member

    He's smoking a turd in hell now, sitting at Satan's right hand. Good riddance. Now fuck off "respect 26".
  24. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    Billy gambled and lost. Now you don't have to worry about that scumbag pill head waste causing any further embarrassment to his also shitty family. There was a time when a family would be ashamed of one of their own comittiting such a vile and atrocious act.
    Now their scumbag friends and relatives go on the internet and try to make excuses for their actions. His family should be charged for the bullet that took his last breath.
    It doesn't matter what led you to rob a bank, be it raped by your dad or PTSD from honorable military service, once you pick up a gun and threaten innocent citizens you become a threat that needs to be put down like a rabid dog. Please share with us what made poor Billy's life so terrible he 'didnt have a choice' did someone force that first oxy down his throat against his will?
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  25. cc3915

    cc3915 Masscops Angel Staff Member

    Bank heist suspect held on $1M bail

    The 48-year-old East Boston man that police say served as a getaway driver in a Saugus bank heist and later found “cowering” under a stairwell following a shootout with police was ordered held on $1 million cash bail following his arraignment in Malden District Court today.
    Gabriel Megna, who according to prosecutors has past convictions of manslaughter and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, could be facing life in prison if convicted on assault and armed carjacking charges in connection with the Friday night firefight in Malden that left one suspect dead and Megna and one other in custody.
    Middlesex Assistant District Attorney John Verner said Megna was driving the red Honda Civic that he and two others sped off in after robbing a Route 1 bank in Saugus of an undisclosed amount of money, sparking a chase into Malden where the trio ditched the car. Verner said Megna and another suspect then attempted to hijack another car at gunpoint from a mother, who had her 3-month old child with her, but they were stymied likely because they didn’t know how to operate the car’s stick shift.


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