SHOCK VIDEO: Man Passed Out On Sidewalk Robbed Of Literally Everything By Bar Patrons

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    PORT CHESTER, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – It was a crime caught on tape — not once, or twice, but a whole series of thefts as bar patrons decide to strip a passed out man of his belongings rather than send for help.
    Cops are going over the video to line up suspects, CBS 2’s Lou Young reported Wednesday.
    The video shows a man out cold, prone on the sidewalk. He could have used a helping hand but all he got was indifference before being physically robbed in full view of security cameras. It’s a sordid scene that includes a woman snatching a chain from around his neck, examining it like a predator fleecing helpless prey.
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    The comments are mostly awesome.
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    La Dolce Vita
    A bar? No, that's da club.;)
    I feel bad for the guy but you have to know what you're getting into when you go to a dive like that.
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    Sounds like the final episode of Seinfeld.

    Life imitating art?

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