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    Romney Meets Bloomberg, Talks Gun Control, Immigration
    Bloomberg - ‎20 minutes ago‎

    Presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney met with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in Manhattan this morning to discuss issues that included gun control laws and immigration policy.
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    ABC News
    Sununu says Kelly Ayotte's NH roots could be a 'negative' as a Romney VP pick
    ABC News - ‎3 hours ago‎

    Mitt Romney campaigned with possible VP pick New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte Monday. But former New Hampshire Gov. John H. Sununu suggested during the trip that Ayotte's Northeast connections could be a "negative.
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    Daily Mail
    Romney seeks to change identity ahead of November - ‎36 minutes ago‎

    MSNBC's Alex Wagner and the NOW panel - the Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart,'s Steve Kornacki,'s Joy-Ann Reid, and the New Yorker's Ryan Lizza - discuss Mitt Romney's 'stiff' identity that the Romney campaign is trying to get ...
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    Extraordinarily liberal left wing democrat loser paper, that autostraddle.
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    Thats why I posted it. I knew it would get some discussion.
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    CJIS - are you trying to come "out" ?? Two Gay articles in one afternoon....

    It's OK....

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    The Guardian
    Romney: Regular people teach him about struggles
    Fox News - ‎54 minutes ago‎

    PITTSBURGH - Mitt Romney says he learns about what it's like to struggle in a difficult economy by sitting down to chat with regular people.

    MyFox Tampa Bay
    Tagg Romney announces birth of twin sons through surrogate mother - ‎21 minutes ago‎

    By Glen Johnson, Globe Staff Mitt Romney's eldest son, Tagg, made a surprise announcement today: He and his wife, Jen, are the new parents of twin boys delivered by a surrogate.

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