Radiological response exercise

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    I'm out on medical leave caring for She Who Must Be Obeyed after ankle reconstruction surgery, so I wasn't at the exercise but did make the planning meetings. I remember watching an exercise with the MANG CST back around 2003 or so, in Boston on a Sunday morning at the Government Center T stop.

    First-ever Sports Safety and Security Radiological Response Exercise Conducted in Mississippi held at USM Jan. 18 | Southern Miss Now

    "A sports safety and security radiological response exercise, facilitated by the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4), was held at M. M. Roberts Stadium, Wednesday, Jan. 18 on The University of Southern Mississippi’s Hattiesburg campus. This was the first coordinated exercise of its kind to be conducted on a university campus in the state."
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    Sorry you missed the fun!!!!!:eek:
    Remember now, Time + distance + shielding= chance to live!
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    No doubt that could have been a hell of an experience wherein no one really dies. My wife is getting a knee replacement on Monday, so I understand the nursemaid situation. Keep up the Good Work, Brother and make the most of it! My best to..." She Who Must Be Obeyed" My recovery be quick enough for YOU!
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    Hope the boss woman is doing well - I know I was in grueling pain after I had my ankle fused! Ankles suck !
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