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  1. chrome.dome

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    How does one become a probation officer, and what is the job like?
  2. Mongo

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  3. Andy0921

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    be a cop
  4. chrome.dome

    chrome.dome Guest

    Any one know which court is the best ? Most interesting?
  5. snapdog

    snapdog MassCops Member

    Roger that on "babysitting" and that isn't just with your caseload but with some of the judges also :lol: are basically an Assistant Clerk in the court room who goes through a stack of cases/folders on a daily basis. I was one for a brief period, hated it. Mass Probation Officers are still (last I checked) Group 1 State Retirement, not Group 4, like Correction Officers, town Police Officers, and field Parole Officers. Also, unarmed and I would not consider it a law enforcement position even though some people do.

    Which court is best??? Hmmmmmmm, if you want to work in a Probation Office that tries to operate like a Police Department then apply to Lynn District Court or Boston Juvenile....if you want to work in a Probation Office that promotes being a gopher for the judges then sway toward Middlesex or Worcester counties.

    Good Luck!!
  6. chrome.dome

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    Has anyone have any info about the probation department in Roxbury?
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