Orlando Watch Shooting Probe Reveals Questionable Police Conduct

Discussion in 'National' started by CJIS, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. LGriffin

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    I hope his atty's are going after the media for the witch hunt they launched with those hacked tapes which required him to go into hiding. The poor guy is going to need the payout to buy his own private island in Canada even if he get's acquitted.
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  2. Deuce

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    He's Latino, no? Can he still be charged with a hate crime? I thought only crackahs can be the evil doers of hate crimes?
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    Half white, which makes him white, unlike brobama who is half white, but is black. Figure that one out.

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    Oh no.....the facts are coming out and the Al Sharptons of the world aren't going to like them!!!
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    Expect a bombastic press conference (given "breaking news" status by the mainstream media) soon from Al Sharpton and/or Jesse Jackson and/or The New Black Panther Party to divert public attention away from these inconvenient facts.
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    I actually heard the Martin family atty say " of course there are injuries, Trevon was fighting for his life"......
    The things a desperate ambulance chaser will say when he see's his payday slipping away :D
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    Judge revokes George Zimmerman bond in Trayvon Martin killing

    A judge on Friday revoked the bond of the neighborhood watch volunteer charged with killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and ordered him returned to jail within 48 hours.
    Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester said that George Zimmerman and his wife, Shellie, misled the court about how much money they had available when his bond was set for $150,000 in April. Prosecutors claim Zimmerman had $135,000 available that had been raised by a website he set up.
    Zimmerman's wife testified at the bond hearing that they had limited funds available since she was a nursing student and Zimmerman wasn't working.
    "He can't sit back and obtain the benefit of a lower bond based upon those material falsehoods," Lester said.
    Defense attorney Mark O'Mara said the fact that Zimmerman and his wife never used the money for anything indicated "there was no deceit."
    "I do think that the Zimmerman family was acting with the constraints they thought they had," O'Mara said after the ruling. "I don't think that they had free access to that money and I think that was evident by the way that they used it and didn't use it."
    Prosecutor Bernie De la Rionda described the Zimmermans' testimony as "misleading."
    "This court was led to believe they didn't have a single penny," said De la Rionda. "It was misleading and I don't know what words to use other than it was a blatant lie."
    Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Trayvon Martin's parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, said his clients have always said Zimmerman should remain in jail until trial, which O'Mara said he believed wouldn't be until next year.
    Crump was asked if he thought that if Zimmerman would be willing to lie about his finances that he would be willing to lie about what happen the night Martin was killed.
    "We fully expect that the special prosecutor will make George Zimmerman's credibility be front and center in this entire case," Crump said. "And whatever dishonesty that comes forth by George Zimmerman that they can prove, you can best believe it will be the issue of this case and rightfully so."
    Prosecutors also said Zimmerman had failed to surrender a second passport, but the judge dismissed that concern as the equivalent of someone who has lost a driver's license, applies for a new one and then finds the old driver's license.
    O'Mara said he hopes the revocation of bond is "temporary." "I hope that they will give us a day in court to explain George's behavior and look at all the circumstances, even the discovery that's come out to date in determining what he's going to do about letting him back out on bond," he said.
    Zimmerman is pleading not guilty to second-degree murder and claims self-defense. Zimmerman shot Martin in February during a confrontation at a gated community of townhouses in Sanford, Fla., where Zimmerman lived and where Martin was visiting his father's fiancee.
    The delay in an arrest for 44 days prompted protests nationwide and led to Sanford's police chief stepping aside so emotions could cool down.
    At Friday's court hearing, De la Rionda and O'Mara also asked a judge to stop the public release of witness names and statements made by Zimmerman to police officers. Those documents normally are part of the public record under Florida law.

  10. Meat Eater

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    The Zimmerman Express could be the biggest RAILROAD in North America.
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    BLUE BLOOD ...---...

    Don't really care about this zipper head Zimmerman but its the race mongering surrounding the case that gets to me.(Don't even know if this guy is "white") God help us if the races were reversed in the face munching incident last week, Sharpton and his crew would be in Miami screaming its been 300 years of whites cannibalising blacks, we need a federal investigation into this.
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    Based on what I have read, I just don't see this guy being convicted of 2nd degree murder (prosecutor didn't even seek indictment correct? Weird....). And yes, when he is acquitted (appears highly likely) there will be race riots like Rodney King. I am sure Sharpton, Jackson and the like will be calling for it too (Reverends?).........
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  13. CJIS

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  14. Delta784

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    Hopefully, PD's across the country learned the lessons of the Rodney King debacle, and will be prepared this time.
  15. Johnny Law

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    Surpise of surprises, each sector car in my city was just fitted with 40mm grenade lauchers in the lock box with the AR-15s, to launch less lethal rounds of course.
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    I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today. He said that the FL DA who is prosecuting this sent some type of letter to Harvard University. Apparently that FL DA demanded that Harvard silence Alan Derschowitz, a well known attorney/professor, or they'll go after him for "slander". Can a legal expert (Derschowitz) not give an opinion on the airways anymore? I guess Derschowitz has been highly critical of this "prosecution". I am not sure of the FL DA's background, but I would be willing to bet they can't hold Derschowitz's jock strap in regards to legal matters.............
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    I don't like idea of anyone being silenced. That being said, Derschowitz can be a real A hole and I don't believe he's ever met a cop that he's liked.
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    Angela Corey received her JD from the University of Florida Levin College of Law.
    I'm sure Dershowitz is hiding under his bed quaking in fear.
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    Ha Ha Ha !!!

    Typical Dem/Lib moonbat BS - silence their detractors!

    Dershowitz, while he can be an absolute toolbag - is right on this one. I'm sure the political machine is more than a little PO'd that he's spoken out against their flimsy case.
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    Don't go by law schools....I watched our union litigation attorney (New England School of Law graduate) absolutely demolish and dismantle the plaintiff's attorney, who was a Harvard Law School AND Harvard College grad. He actually made him look foolish more than once.
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    I'm a mere civilian and I spanked my ex's lawyer in court!
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    I may not be a lawyer but I do enjoy being spanked.
    Ah Oh ..... thats not what you meant? ;)
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  24. mtc

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    Too bad it wasn't given to some shitbag liberal !!

    Why not just give the guy a new phone number?
  25. HistoryHound

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    Or people could get a life and not be total idiots. Then again, you're suggestion might be easier to do.
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