No Pref for the Full Time Academy?

Discussion in 'Civil Service' started by mancrush, Nov 11, 2011.

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    I can think of one or two but for the most part you are right. A lot of towns with a AUX\Special\Reserve\PI officers use these officers to augment the full time force and most of these officers while a not usually the first ones dispatched to respond to a call, (though sometimes they are) they are often the second or third car there to lend a hand.

    Some towns let these officers to do Traffic enforcement and some even allow them to work paid shifts.
  2. mancrush

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    Can't say that I disagree with any part of your post. I am gaining experience which will eventually turn in to points, I have a LE job that many would kill for and if I want a sure way to get extra points on the test, I should enlist. Vet's deserve their pref 110%. But i'm not pissed off at all, I am very appreciative of the position that I am in. It is just my opinion that if a EMT-B cert gets you pref on the list, than maybe a full-time academy cert should as well. But, at the end of the day, it is what it is.

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    If you have an LE job "that many would kill for", why are you concerned about extra points on an entrance exam? I also have an LE job "that many would kill for", and after I was sworn-in, I promised myself that there was no way in Hell that I would ever again take another entrance exam.
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    Yes, there are alot of self-sponsored, academy trained individuals, who are politically connected, live at home with their parents and are "spoon fed". And, I understand why some people may feel negative about these types of individuals... I do.

    However, I lived with my fiance on our own, worked a full-time job during the academy, and had no political connection what so ever. I'm sure there was some luck involved, but I feel confident saying that I earned my way in, and worked damn hard to complete it. I am not some whine bag, spoon fed, politically connected, momma's boy on here, crying about how I am entitled.

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    I was acknowledging that I have a college LE position that many people would kill for. But like many others, I would like to take another step forward in my career by working for a city department.

    I am not overly concerned or upset about academy trained individuals not getting pref on the CS exam. It was a thought that crossed my mind, and I figured I would post this thread in the interest in finding out what other peoples opinions are about it. By no means was this post meant to be a personal whine session about the subject.

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    Locking doors and courtesy transports ? :redcarded:
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    Any police job in Massachusetts in this economy is highly desirable, but I wouldn't classify a job "that many people would kill for" as the last stop on my employment journey.
  7. mancrush

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    haha, pretty much hit that nail on the head. But there is enough people out there who would kill for any LE job. No matter where it is on the ladder.

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    Yes, I can think of many higher level positions that I would "kill for". Yes any LE position in MA is highly desirable but not are all that any person would "kill for".

  8. Delta784

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    I think that was my point.
  9. mancrush

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    Ok that's fine. I'm sure we all might be a bunch of 3rd shifter's trying to entertain ourselves through a quiet Monday morning... But at this point, i'm sure there is nothing I can post on this thread that wont be questioned, corrected, or taken out of context.
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    Of course points should be given for having the academy. Its not saying you have knowledge of the street. Its saying hey chiefy, I go the academy, how nice of me to save you a gabillion dollars!

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    Your right, just because you have the academy doesnt mean you know shit about shit. BUT having the academy is better than nothing. After all if you dont know shit after just going the academy and not working, you sure as hell know less having NEVER going through the academy in the first place.

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    Bruce, I would say that you both make solid points. The nepotism is alive and well NO MATTER what system is used. But there are exceptions to every rule. This is why I like L.E in the south much better, there is the same game but much les of it!
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    The exit is that way ------------------------------->
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    Thanks for a good debate.

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