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Discussion in 'New England Employment' started by Pvt. Cowboy, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    Nashua is testing again. Apps are due by the 13th of this month, testing is on the 28th. Google their website for more info, it's all there, including a very thorough tattoo policy.

    Anyone here that tested with them ever get picked up? Seems like they test once every quarter.
  2. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    The LAPD of New England. It's a department with a terrific reputation and very strict standars or so I've heard. I know a guy who's son is on there and loves it. Best of luck to all who apply.
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  3. Ralphie2137

    Ralphie2137 New Member

    Anyone take the oral board yet
  4. niteowl1970

    niteowl1970 Moderator Staff Member

  5. SYoung

    SYoung MassCops Member

    I took the oral board about 2 weeks back. I am eagerly awaiting the results and if I am to move forward in the process.
  6. SgtAndySipowicz

    SgtAndySipowicz Supporting Member

    Great department. VERY tough to get on. They hire squared away people. If you are looking to get on somewhere and be a slug, don't apply to NPD. If you are interested in doing police work, and want to stay in New England, I highly recommend NPD. You'll get assignments (Detective etc) based on performance, not "who you know" etc. As far as getting promoted......they promote on "merit" as well, so if you are proactive and give it your best, there is a very good chance you'll get promoted. Unlike MA (except BPD etc), NPD Detectives handle everything, including homicide investigations. Their drug detectives get assigned to DEA as well as NH task forces. Great place if you want to do proactive police work. Much expected and you will be "supervised".........
  7. SgtAndySipowicz

    SgtAndySipowicz Supporting Member

  8. SYoung

    SYoung MassCops Member

    Thanks for the great info SgtAndy. I am very interested in the Nashua Police Department. I was an MP for 6 years and was interested in them even before I was an MP. I was too young and didn't have much experience yet.
  9. justanotherparatrooper

    justanotherparatrooper Pissin' in liberals cheerio's for 40 years :) Staff Member

    I agree with Sgt Andy,
    Ive got a friend on that dept that is a detective...very squared away
    Good luck
  10. SYoung

    SYoung MassCops Member

    I have heard nothing but good things.
  11. trueblue

    trueblue MassCops Member

    Having worked for a short time in NH, not Nashua, and having worked very closely with guys on Nashua, I would agree...great department. But don't ever're looking from the outside in and EVERY department has it's own set of problems. I don't know of a "perfect department".
  12. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    I constantly hear other cops in MA rave about my department ("best contract in the state") and about how lucky I am to have gotten on.

    My stock response is "If you only knew what I know".
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  13. SPolice1

    SPolice1 New Member

    I have heard that if you are from MA. they give you a bag of crap, about not being able to get hired in MA. so you come to "their" state. This is coming from someone who did interview with them a while back. As far as i'm concerned with an attitude like that they can go to hell.
  14. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    With an attitude like that, it's not surprising you weren't hired.'re applying to a police department, the police department isn't applying to you.
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  15. cousteau

    cousteau MassCops Member

    If I could take my years and retirement with me, and make close to what I make in Quincy, I would leave tomorrow. The BS, especially petty BS, is thick.
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  16. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    We have the "haves", the "will shamelessly suck ass in a futile effort to be a have", and the "have nots".

    Unfortunately, we've reached the point where the "have nots" are outnumbered by the other 2 categories, mostly the suckasses.
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  17. SgtAndySipowicz

    SgtAndySipowicz Supporting Member

    No idea what your babbling about. I am quite familiar with the NPD. I have never heard of anyone there knocking anyone else for being from MA. If I had to guess I would say 70% of the Cops there are from MA. I think you received bad information from someone that didn't "cut it". They have an open hiring process and hire from all over the country. They could care less about where you are from or the MA "residency" BS.........
  18. JamnJim18

    JamnJim18 Guest

    I used to be a police explorer there years ago and I was from Massachusetts and the officers were nothing but friendly with me and the others from Mass. In addition, I know a few officers that still work there and they are nothing like you described as giving people a "bag of crap" about being from Mass. And to say to an applicant that they couldn't cut it in Mass infers that NPD is less of a dept. NPD is a Nationally Accredited department and has some of the best trained officers in the country.
  19. niteowl1970

    niteowl1970 Moderator Staff Member

    So you're not applying because of a disgruntled candidate that's trying to rationalize why he wasn't selected to move forward. You should see for yourself before judging NPD. As for your friend that told you that... A message for him.

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  20. SgtAndySipowicz

    SgtAndySipowicz Supporting Member

    Some are sooooo blatant. I observed a "suck ass" the other day chatting it up with a station SGT for a 1/2 hour or so (this officer is assigned to a cruiser). Same guy comes back in later and chats it up with a different station SGT for another 1/2 hour. I can (almost) guarantee that this same guy will be getting a coveted specialty position in the near future. Not everyone gets positions this way, but MANY where I work do indeed. The guy I talk about isn't a "bad guy" and is a decent Cop, but doing what he does (suck ass) on a consistent/blatant basis drives me nuts.

    Others kiss a certain LTs ass on a constant basis. In turn, they are sent to all kinds of "secret squirrel" training. They are always getting "days due" etc for all this training that no one else seems to get. You can tell who these guys are because they talk openly about the LT all the time. They are on a 1st name only basis with the LT, never call him "Lieutenant" etc.........
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  21. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    The last training I went to (private company), I paid the $95 course fee out of my own pocket, and went in lieu of shift (no day due).

    In my QPD career, I've gotten 3.5 days due...1 for Reagan's funeral that all city employees got, 1 for CPR update, and 1.5 for playing Santa Claus on Christmas Eve on my day off.
  22. justanotherparatrooper

    justanotherparatrooper Pissin' in liberals cheerio's for 40 years :) Staff Member

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  23. Herrdoktor

    Herrdoktor MassCops Member

    A few of my professors at UMASS:Lowell were from MPD. They were always squared away and had no problem explaining to us about the shithole that is Manchester.
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  24. SYoung

    SYoung MassCops Member

    I fully agree with that. You have to give them a reason for them to want you on their team. Gotta keep a positive attitude!
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  25. SYoung

    SYoung MassCops Member

    It sounds like they hire lots of guys from MA, or any state for that matter. I have also noticed by looking through the archives that they take on a variety of people including Veterans, who not all even have a degree. All the Officers I have spoken to from Nashua were professional, and very respectful. I was impressed and just happy to be their. I think you may have gotten bad info my friend.

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