Most unique A&B DW weapon used

Discussion in 'War Stories' started by SargeLorenzo, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. cc3915

    cc3915 Masscops Angel Staff Member

    A Wall
  2. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    We joke about some of these ridiculous D/W's, but some really can be dangerous. The one I had with the frozen peas, a woman hauled back and let go with a 2-seam fastball, using a bag of Jolly Green Giant, catching her husband right on the button, giving him a shiner & bloody nose.
  3. Tuna

    Tuna Always entertained

    Had a clown I grabbed on a warrant in Worcester. ABDW "Buliding" Never got to ask about it, he was a bit upset.
  4. Crvtte65

    Crvtte65 Moderator

    Deck of playing cards, not in the box... could scratch a cornea!
  5. 263FPD

    263FPD Administrator Staff Member

    Who gets to collect the evidence? I bet a new guy. Great.
  6. lpwpd722

    lpwpd722 Maddy B's grammy

    We had a guy who assaulted his g.f. with frozen chicken.
  7. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    In court, it would HAVE to be Commonwealth's Exhibit Number Two.

    I'm sorry sir, we're going to have to impound this feces, building, stop sign, ocean, as evidence. You can pick it up right after the trial.
  8. umberto25

    umberto25 New Member

    I once had a girl come into the station crying that her friend saw her driving up the street and thought it would be funny to throw her burrito at the car.

    Unfortunately her aim was too good and it went through the window and hit the driver smack in the face. Hence A&B by means of a Burrito.
  9. Rock

    Rock Undefined

    I have two:

    1. Paper clips (from an open window with an elastic)
    2. Basketball (chest pass to the face then stole the kids gold chain)
  10. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    I had a bottle of laundry detergent tonight.
  11. Crvtte65

    Crvtte65 Moderator

    Vending machine size or 2,000 load BJ's ultra bulk size?
  12. mtc

    mtc High Priestess Staff Member

    It'd have been SO much easier if someone learned to do their OWN laundry!
  13. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Economy size.....built-in handle version. It would have done some damage with a direct hit.
  14. Badge 17

    Badge 17 MassCops Member

    A few months back I charged A&B DW to wit APPLE...the girl threw a fastball right off the head of a fellow FSC student...
  15. 263FPD

    263FPD Administrator Staff Member

    She was tutoring him in Physics and was trying to explain Newton's law
    of gravity. CWOF 5 Minutes Curtesy of Hon. Judge You know who.
  16. MiamiVice

    MiamiVice MassCops Member

    Snowball (it was icy)
  17. Badge 17

    Badge 17 MassCops Member

    HAHA you're not kidding either!!
  18. jettsixx

    jettsixx Had enough

    We locked a guy up last week for throwing an egg and hitting his sister with it.
  19. RodneyFarva

    RodneyFarva Get off my lawn!

    Assault and battery with a concrete dildo!
  20. HiredGoon

    HiredGoon MassCops Member

    Best one I ever saw (I can't take credit for it) was on a guy's BOP, who got picked up on a warrant. AB/DW - Muffin.

    Always wondered...blueberry? Corn? Maybe pistachio...those are pretty gross.
  21. Andy0921

    Andy0921 MassCops Member

    Yeah, Lamb To The Slaughter, originally a short story written by Roald Dahl.

  22. JMody

    JMody Special...

    Probably Pistachio. I know someone who is allergic to it. Can get pretty nasty if she has them.
  23. po-904

    po-904 MassCops Member

    I read a BOP the other night the guy had both "door" and "kitchen cabinet."
  24. USMCMP5811

    USMCMP5811 Administrator Staff Member

    Maybe it was a MuffinTop? :p
  25. BOSCO5O

    BOSCO5O MassCops Member

    I saw on a BOP a few weeks ago for ABDW "The Cold", thought it was kind of odd...

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