Immigrant high school student on deport list charged in rape of girl, 14

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    Immigrant high school student on deport list charged in rape of girl, 14
    Published March 19, 2017
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    Two Maryland high school students – one of whom has an “alien removal” case pending – forced a 14-year-old female classmate into a bathroom stall on Thursday morning and viciously raped her, police said.

    The suspects, Henry E. Sanchez, 18, and Jose O. Montano, 17, are in ninth grade at Rockville High School. Both are recent arrivals to the U.S., Sanchez from Guatemala and Montano from El Salvador, WUSA9 reported.

    The pair appeared in court Friday and Montano is being charged as an adult, despite his age, due to the seriousness of the crime. Sanchez and Montano, charged with first-degree rape and two counts of first-degree sexual offense, were held without bond.

    “I believe that you are a danger,” District Judge Eugene Wolfe told Sanchez, according to The Washington Post.

    Police say Montano forced the girl into a school restroom after she refused to have sex with him. The girl fought back, at one point holding on to a sink to avoid the assault, but Montano allegedly pushed the girl into a stall where he and Sanchez took turns holding her down and raping her, according to the police affidavit.

    Immigrant high school student on deport list charged in rape of girl, 14
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    That sounds about right.
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    Just... execute them.
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  5. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    The other issue, now we have to house and feed this animal rather than just throw him out. I think he planned this. "Now I CAN stay!" In 15 years, he'll be released under the new amnesty program that'll be in place. Or 5 years. We'll see.
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    One dirty secret about these cases is that these "kids" are often much older than they report their ages to be. I've seen "immigrants" in their mid 20s getting arraigned in juvenile court. They all know to give juvenile DOBs at arrest.
    I actually saw a guy in his mid 20s give his proper DOB and get arraigned in adult court for a serious incident. He later realized (or was told) that he could just say he was confused when asked about his age due to a language barrier. The case got transferred to juvenile court. Their is no way to prove the real DOB or even exactly what country they are from.
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    They are Animals, and the country wonders about trumps wall and deportation plans. This is imo, part of the reason behind it folks. Common sense.
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    These immigrants who are always getting pinched know how to play it. Ive seen several as im sure many of us have where they constantly swap and do the name game in addition to dob. They use their mothers last name then swap it with dad's or hyphenated it or then.often use someone else's ect. Love seeing a Bop w. More than multiple aliases on it. Makes for a fun night.
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    You guys are right on the money. We once had a van full of 'em (Guatemalans this time) and they all said they were 15-17 years old but eventually it turned out the youngest was 20. I had to call in an interpreter since my Spanish was weak, that helped in clearing things up. He also told me that they didn't like the way they were treated. I wonder how the police in Guatemala treat people who lead them on a fairly lengthy high speed chase.
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