Gov. Deval Patrick questions motives of welfare system critics

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    BOSTON - Gov. Deval Patrick on Thursday said that his administration has done more than any other to root out fraud in the EBT card welfare system, but he believes there is an underlying theme driving the debate about whether the state should be providing welfare at all.
    “I think that some of the debate, frankly, seems to be a veiled debate about what’s really at issue which is whether we should provide benefits to people to help them help themselves, and if that’s a debate folks want to have then they need to bring it with that candor because we have to be and we are in this Commonwealth about helping people help themselves,” Patrick said during his appearance on WTKK-FM’s “Ask the Governor” segment.
    The House late Wednesday night adopted an amendment to its budget on a 122-33 vote attempting to crack down on abuses in the state’s $415 million welfare system that distributes benefits to recipients through electronic benefits transfer cards.
    After a sharp debate stirring strong emotions among some members who criticized the proposal as an attack on poor people, the House voted to restrict welfare benefits from being spent in places such as nail salons, tattoo parlors, casinos, and strip clubs or on travel, cosmetics and theater tickets. The House also approved $100,000 to be spent on a consultant to study how Massachusetts could move to a cashless system.
    The amendment’s proponents, such as Rep. Shaunna O’Connell (R-Tauton) and Rep. Russell Holmes (D-Boston), have said that reforms such as limiting access to cash are needed to protect taxpayer dollars and ensure that adequate resources are available to those who truly need it.
    While federal SNAP benefits, more commonly known as food stamps, cannot be taken in cash, other cash assistance benefits on EBT cards can be withdrawn on ATM machines and spent wherever.
    Patrick said he was not convinced a completely cashless system would work, noting that some proponents of providing cash say recipients need money to pay for transportation or to have their hair and nails done in preparation for a job interview. He did say, however, that he was open to limiting the amount of cash available.

    An an "attack on poor people," really? That's hilarious! Poor people who need it temporarily, can't get it.
    You can call these parasites pride-less, but not poor.
    Aside from jet-setting around the country, and a lack of class, how are their lives any different than a rich persons? They laze about all day doing what they want, when the want.
    All on the backs of taxpayers who WORK to pay the $415 million dollars necessary to keep the savages from rioting and looting because their benefits were cut.
    That's the real problem, isn't it, DeVille? The dems have created so many monsters for votes that they cannot be controlled.
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  2. justanotherparatrooper

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    All on the backs of taxpayers who WORK to pay the $415 million dollars necessary to keep the savages from rioting and looting because their benefits were cut.
    That's the real problem, isn't it, DeVille? The dems have created so many monsters for votes that they cannot be controlled

    post of the year griffin!
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  3. fra444

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    Well in Devil's defense I would make sure I stood up for my biggest demographic too.....
  4. Johnny Law

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    Hey asseyes, fuck you in your heart! "We are all about helping people help themselves in the Commonwealth" Yeah, help themselves to MY MONEY! I love how aid increases to these tapeworms but my Quinn money was CUT.

    Fuck you Deval, I'm glad members of your own shitty political party are sticking it up your ass with this legislation and you STILL look like a dick.
  5. Delta784

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    Sorry Deval, I take it a bit personally when MY MONEY is confiscated and given to lazy parasites who don't even leave their government-funded apartments except to go to the liquor store, their drug dealer, or to a political rally to bitch that they need more of my money.
  6. LGriffin

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    Don't forget the salon to get their "hair and nails did" at taxpayer expense!
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  7. SgtAndySipowicz

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    Governor, THE STATE should not be stealing (excessive taxes) from those who work and in turn give it to others. America was founded on Capitilistic priniciples, not socialistic. We are a great people however and very charitable. We will take care of those who DESERVE to be taken care of thru PRIVATE charities etc. Yes, those who are lazy slugs will be left to fend for themselves (we all know who I am talking about, those who abuse the system, generation after generation). The issue is whether our hard earned wages should be stolen (excessive taxation) by the government, who in turn decides where it goes (usually to those who abuse the socialistic system we currently have). We TRUE Americans want to do with our hard earned money what we choose. We don't need a King (Governor etc) deciding what to do with 20,30,50 percent of our wages. I have no problem paying for services (police, fire, EMS, public works etc). However, I take issue with my wages allowing someone else to cash out their EBT card for drugs, cigarettes and booze while I work 70 hours a week. Fuck you and your liberal friends.......
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  8. Dan Stark

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    I question the motives of career politicians Deval.

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  9. CJIS

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    What could one possibly question? It is not Rocket science.
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  10. Pvt. Cowboy

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    Summary executions for the welfare leeches...
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  11. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, TEACH a man to fish, he sells the fishing rod for a pack of smokes and some crack, gets stoned, beats his kid and then goes back for a fish. Eventually the state runs out of fishing poles and just keeps giving this guy fish.

    Give a man a few bucks, he'll laugh and say, "NOT ENOUGH!" Teach a man to work for a living and one of two things will happen, he'll learn self respect and take pride in earning a living and contributing to society, or he'll steal from his employer after the employer won't give him a huge promotion and raise after two days on the job.

    Sadly the ones who learn self respect are often overlooked and overshadowed by the second. The whole system just keeps on getting screwed over and WE pay for it because the liberals won't make a big deal over those who want to work hard and use them as an example to those who won't work hard.

    Not that it would make a difference to some.

    The new term is TRANSITIONAL ASSISTANCE, but for far too many, that transition takes GENERATIONS, not a year or two TOPS.
  12. Delta784

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    How about Deval questions the motives of the welfare *recipients*?
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  13. cousteau

    cousteau MassCops Member

    Good comments, everybody. Now take the time to email them to your legislators, please. Or better yet, email them and barrage them with envelopes and hard copy. What EBT owner is going to use money to buy stamps?
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  14. corsair

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    EBT and Welfare Fraud =


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