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    I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with Curry College, particularly their continuing education program, for a bachelors in criminal justice degree.
    Long story short, I'm a full time campus Police Officer (not at a college, so no free tuition, my employer does provide some tuition assistance though) with an Associate's degree that I earned a few years ago. I've been thinking about going for a Bachelors, and am considering Curry. I need something that offers a part-time program, with a lot of online options.
    I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with the continuing education program at Curry. It seems to be a better fit than the more "traditional" program that they offer, but I'm wondering if it is still considered a "regular" bachelors degree, for hiring purposes (eg. for jobs that require a Bachelor's, like 1811 positions, would a continuing education BA still qualify). Any feedback, positive or negative, would be appreciated.
    Also, if anyone else has any suggestions for a good Bachelor's program in the Boston area, I'd love to hear it.
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    I got my Bachelors through Currys c.e. program while working ft.. Granted I did It a little over 10 years ago now, but it's no different imo than any traditional program. It's a sheep skin from an acredited college . In fact it may have been harder for a few reasons. (having done a regular program prior to curry, and went back as an adult learner bc I had gotten on at the time I was in school the 1st time.)
    Honestly, I loved it, it was no cake walk, working and taking classes and caring for a family. Almost all the other students were also otj, as were about 90% of my professors at the time. That may have changed by now i dont know. What i liked that was different from my 1st. B.A. program where they didn't teach as theorists. For the most part, they taught as practicing instructors where they could. That said, they weren't easy on any of us. there was no fluff and in fact, I personally found the expectations set to a higher standard than i had in my first 4 year program. It was a good education for the $$. And they took a bunch of my transfer credits when I enrolled which made it easier. The enrolment was also easy. Went in, met with an advisor and boom that was it. That's my exp. And my own opinion. PM me w. Any other ? I didn't touch on.

    Good luck.
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    I can second all of the above, sounds like I was there around the same time. One good aspect is that, assuming they still do it, you can do "intensive" semesters that are like 8 weeks each, so in a regular Fall or Spring semester you can actually knock out 4 classes but only attending 2 at a time. I had an Associates in CJ from Northeastern already, and got my Bachelors in a year and a half at Curry going in the summer too. Umass Lowell has a new online-only Criminal Justice degree. Had that been an option at the time I would've done that simply to avoid having to show up somewhere every week, plus Curry is $$$. As for an employer caring about whether it's "continuing education" or a traditional degree, there really is no difference. The diploma is all the same, no one cares how you got it.
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    I forgot about the intensive semesters. Good times.

    Sounds like we were there around the same times, summers and all bloodhound.
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    I would look into Umass Lowell
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