Cops: Illegal immigrant drove drunk in Framingham

Discussion in 'New England' started by cc3915, Aug 26, 2011.

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    Thanks so much, 263, for your thoughtful response. You've always been one of my favorite guys on this board, and I can't imagine a better officer to make this very significant bust. I'm so glad it was a level-headed, rational guy like you who pulled this scumbag over, although I'm sure most guys on your department would have done an equally professional job.

    I support you 100% and if you say things are that way in the 'ham, then I believe you. I have to admit that I vent about the chief's policies at times because I think your chief (and all of them in The Commonwealth) make decisions that annoy the hell out of me. Me? I would give anything for Sheriff Joe Arpaio (a native of Springfield, Mass.) to be chief in every town in this country. I love his brand of policing and I think the country would be in a lot better shape if our chiefs were consistently tough on all kinds of crime. But enough about me and what I think!

    This thread's about YOU! Congratulations on rocking this! I look forward to your book deal and to all of the talk show circuit visits in the meanwhile. You're the best!

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    Val, great job, but I'll bet anyone the first round at the next M&G that Uncle Onyango doesn't do a day in jail, and will be granted asylum in the United States.
  3. USMCMP5811

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    Exactly. How many deportation orders were ther for aunt zatunie and now she's here on our dime after interfearance from the fraud in chief......
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    The Herald posted the report for anyone interested.

    Page 1: News
    Page 2: News
    Page 3: News
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    Photo by Ted Fitzgerald

    LIFE UNRAVELS: Obama Onyango, President Obama’s uncle, inset,
    who lives at this house in Framingham, was arrested on a drunken-driving
    charge last week. Onyango is the brother of Zeituni Onyango of South Boston,
    the president’s aunt.

    Living American dream illegally -

    I wonder if we are paying the rent.
  8. mpd61

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    Fukkin Priceless!!!!!!!!!

    Asked about the issue yesterday, Gov. Deval Patrick said: “You know my stance: Illegal is illegal. We need comprehensive immigration reform

    In other words= "we need to make illegal immingration LEGAL" :stomp:
  9. LGriffin

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    Just read a post from Michelle Malkin. Here's a segment:

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    Obama's uncle has driver's license, Social Security number

    Posted 7 hour(s) ago
    The illegal immigrant half-uncle of President Barack Obama, arrested last week for allegedly driving drunk, has had a Massachusetts driver's license for nearly 20 years, a registry spokesman said yesterday.
  11. LGriffin

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    The million dollar question:

    Where does he work?:rolleyes:
  12. HistoryHound

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    I think they said he worked at Conti's Liquors.
  13. cc3915

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    Packie owner praises Prez’s troubled uncle

    FRAMINGHAM — The mom-and-pop packie owner who employed Obama Onyango said he was shocked to get the jailhouse call last week from his trusted clerk saying he was locked up on drunken-driving charges.
    But Conti Liquors owner Parimal Patel said he was flat-out floored to learn days later that Onyango is an illegal alien ... and uncle to President Obama.
    “Nobody ever connected the dots,” Patel said about the name Onyango shares with the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. On most, but not all official documents, “Obama” is listed as Onyango’s first name.

    Packie owner praises Prez’s troubled uncle -
  14. kwflatbed

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    Illegal aliens ghosts in eyes of Democrats

    By Howie Carr
    Wednesday, August 31, 2011

    The only thing that surprises me is that the town of Framingham reports that Uncle Omar is not registered to vote.
    So what if the president’s half-uncle is an illegal alien? You think that stops the, ahem, undocumented workers? You know what they say: They’re only here to vote for the Democrats that Americans won’t vote for anymore.
    Illegal aliens are the problem that dares not speak its name — at least not in the Beautiful People precincts. Could the Globe have possibly given this story a bigger leaving-alone? We weren’t the first to ID him as the president’s uncle, but I did mention the drunken-driving arrest of a guy named Obama in my Sunday Herald column. I’d heard about it Friday night on my radio show.

    Illegal aliens ghosts in eyes of Democrats -
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    No Special Treatment For Obama's Uncle, White House Says

    President's Illegal Immigrant Half-Uncle Arrested In Framingham

    WASHINGTON -- The White House says it expects the arrest of President Barack Obama's illegal immigrant uncle to be handled like any other immigration case.
    Press Secretary Jay Carney also said Thursday that Obama didn't know about the case involving his relative until being informed about it by staff. Onyango Obama was arrested and charged with drunken driving in Framingham, Mass., last week and is being held on an immigration detainer. A federal official has told The Associated Press that he was ordered by an immigration judge to leave the country almost two decades ago.

    Read more: No Special Treatment For Obama's Uncle, White House Says - Boston News Story - WCVB Boston
  16. justanotherparatrooper

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    I wanna know who's paying the high priced lawyer ?
  17. pahapoika

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    can anyone one say "amnesty" ?

    just like the free loading aunt it will all magically work out for his illegal ass.
  18. Delta784

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    Look in the mirror.
  19. mtc

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    There's no such thing as "no special treatment" for Obama's leeches.
  20. OfficerObie59

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    I just read this whole thread for the first time. Wow. Just wow. Watching the progression is even better. This may supplant the Lakeville/Middleboro Commuter Rail skateboard thread as my top favorite thread ever.

    Awesome job, Val. I nearly spit my coffee all over my monitor...

    I actually had an incident involving an illegal immigrant that occured when I was on break-in which ended up being the topic of a Howie Carr column. It feels kinda like he's pissing down your leg while telling you it's raining--he uses the acts of police as fodder for his column, but doesn't think you deserve to be paid for it.
  21. cc3915

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    Jay Carney is a lying sack. There will be behind the scene maneuvers being done by the WH aimed at DHS. You can count on it. I see this alien using the excuse that his life will be in danger if he's returned to Kenya, just like auntie z did. Nevertheless, another fine piece of police work by Val.
  22. HistoryHound

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    Exactly! The White House may not specifically say that this guy has to stay, but I wouldn't put it past them to remind DHS that they're looking for "fat" to trim from the budget. "We'd love to keep your funding at its current levels, but it looks like you have enough staff that they have time to go after folks for no reason at all. If you guys have the manpower to go after people who have done nothing wrong and only wanted a better life for themselves; then, we think you should be able to help in the redistribution of assets. Don't worry it won't be a lot, just a little trim off the top. Think of it as getting a hair cut."
  23. USMCMP5811

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    [h=1]:rolleyes: Shocking! :rolleyes:

    Obama's uncle released from jail[/h]

    BOSTON -- President Obama’s uncle was out of jail Friday morning.
    Obama Onyango was released from Plymouth County Jail Thursday.
    He was arrested in Framingham in August for drunk driving, and then held for more than two weeks for violating a 1992 order to return to Kenya.
    Immigration officials won't release details about his whereabouts or say if he'll be deported.

    Read more: WHDH-TV - Obama's uncle released from jail
  24. niteowl1970

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    If he has anymore police contact he'll claim harassment and sue whatever agency deals with him. INS will do nothing about his status. He'll be given a green card and quietly sent on his way.
  25. USMCMP5811

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    He's probally already on his way to pick up his green card at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. DC

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