Colby, Wisconsin LT. Jamison Kampmeyer Killed In Roof Collapse At Abbotsford Theater Was Also Deputy

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    ABBOTSFORD, Wis. (WEAU) -- WEAU 13 News has obtained the name of the local firefighter who passed away fighting a devastating movie theater fire.
    His name is Jamison Kampmeyer.
    He’s a Colby volunteer firefighter, Marathon County Sheriff’s Deputy and father of three.
    Kampmeyer is just one of five firefighters who had the roof of the Abby Theater collapse on top of them Sunday.
    Abbotsford Fire Chief Jody Apfelbeck gave out the latest word Monday on the fire that’s rocked the community.
    “There's a lot of confusion right now as to why it had to happen,” Apfelbeck said.
    The fire chief said while attacking flames from inside the theater, the call went out to crews to get out of the building but some didn’t get the warning in time.
    “The roof collapsed, trapping three firefighters inside. One firefighter, Jamison Kampmeyer of Colby, a volunteer with the Colby fire Department and a deputy with the Marathon County Sheriff's Department was fatally injured,” Apfelbeck said.
    Kampmeyer, 34, leaves behind a wife and three young children.
    “My thoughts go the fire department. They lost a great man. My thoughts go out to the family as well,” Apfelbeck said.
    The Marathon County Sheriff’s Department said Kampmeyer was a patrol deputy and was a SWAT team EMT with the department.
    He had been on the job since 2004.
    Apfelbeck said four other injured firefighters from Abbotsford and Colby have been treated and released.
    While agents from several federal and state agencies came to investigate, he said this is no indication of foul play.
    “Any time there is a firefighter fatality, they come and do a complete investigation with us to get a full cause of the fire,” Apfelbeck said.
    The tragedy is something people are talking about all over town.
    And as they grieve the loss of one of their own, many are coming to terms with the possible loss of the Abby Theater, a downtown landmark that holds so many memories.
    The movie theater has been in use since 1949.
    “It's been here for quite a while, quite a few movies seen in it. I'm surprised and worried for the firefighters and things like that,” said Jon Sunbeyer of Abbotsford.
    Longtime Abbotsford resident George Kelsey said the devastating fire is something the entire community is grieving over.
    “This theater was built right before I was born. And I would expect everyone in the community has gone to this theater one time or another. It was a central part of the city,” Kelsey said.
    “I'm sure it's going to have an effect on the community for a while,” Sunbeyer said.
    Apfelbeck said the cause of the fire is still under investigation, and the movie theater owners are fully cooperating with investigators.
    “We've gotten support from other fire departments. We’re taking it one day at a time,” Apfelbeck said.

    RIP brother, a sad loss for both blue and red teams.
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